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Killing Wild Horses; Dangerous Ground

The fiscal 2018 budget has not been passed. Interim bills have moved forward to patchwork federal funding together amid intense polarization of issues.

The FY 2018 budget, that could shoot tens of thousands of wild horses in the head, is still on the table as we begin the discussion on FY 19! This is the time of year where we normally begin conversations in DC on funding bills for the following year, this year? we still do not have a bill passed for this very year we are in now!

We have gotten word that this week there will be debates and mark-ups to finally pass a full funding bill for FY 18.

In addition there is movement in this administration to do away with what is called “NEPA.” National Environmental Policy Review, or NEPA, is the paperwork process that includes a public disclosure of the process of analysis an action, always public input, prior to a decision to take any action (including killing tens of thousands of wild horses). This is also the process in which, as an American, failures in analysis allow litigation in the courts. (HERE)

PLEASE make your calls, FAX, emails NOW! If you have already? This is the week to send another one.

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Wild horses “en garde.” Said before a sword or fist fight, a french term often used in fencing matches; opening position from which one may either attack or defend. You need to “En Garde,” now.

This week it is vital to “keep it simple” to ensure no federal funds kill healthy wild horses.

Just say “No. No federal funding to kill healthy wild horses or to be used to send them to slaughter; no bullet in the head or ‘sales without limitation’. No federal funding for experimental spaying in the field”. That’s it. Just do that to all of your representatives in the House and Senate. Find your representatives here: http://govtrack.us

If you have the chance to speak to your representative in a more extended fashion ask about the new policy to “streamline” the “NEPA” process and that you hope that prior to any massive changes like the overhaul of NEPA, or land management agency restructuring, that full hearings take place in both the House and Senate for illegal activity in the Department of Interior. (If this is not a conversation you feel comfortable having simply add your name to the bottom of this article and we will add your name to the growing list, over 50,000 Americans, that have signed on our standing request since the “Zinke/Murkowski” power plays last year. Updated article and sign on HERE)

We wrote an article last week about other factors currently destabilizing the frame our wild ones tenuously exist in HERE. There is almost no “land management” happening right now, only “industry permitting and placating” being done by land managers cowering behind their desks hoping they do not get a pink slip if they try to protect public resources.

We ask you make the call on the budget yourself. Please become an educated voter this November.

Your legislators do not expect you to be an expert on everything you are concerned about but having simple facts straight, keeping your message simple, will help your legislator know how you will respond to the way he/she votes, with your vote in November.

WHE has a free E-Zine and pamphlet at this link to help you navigate in both the small picture, and the big one HERE.

If this budget passes, and it might, if there is no standard review process we may find hundreds of wild horses killed before we even know it happened.

PLEASE: Take time this week to call your legislators on one issue; keep it simple. “No federal funding should be used to kill a healthy wild horse or to send them to slaughter: no bullet in the head or sales without limits.” http://govtrack.us

You can use the free Fax options here:

House (House version still has language that will kill tens of thousands of wild horses): https://faxzero.com/fax_congress.php

Senate: https://faxzero.com/fax_senate.php

What you need to FAX is simple: “I live in your district. I want no federal funds used to kill a healthy wild horse. I want public land kept public and decision making to remain in federal control. I oppose any effort to allow private, state or local interests to take control of public land resources. In particular I find using federal funds to kill healthy wild horses completely unacceptable.”

Just keep your message clear, simple and on point. The time is now.

How you are responded to will get in you in a good position for midterm elections; the big picture must change. It really is the only, true, hope. 


We have a lot of work to do. Since April of 2017 we have been collecting critical information and passing it on to oversight and Congress. We are doing exactly that, right now, on the underlying issues at Triple B. Can you help us to continue?


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