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A visit to holding; PVC and Triple B

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Youngsters comfort each other. Bonds begun on range, during capture and in holding are strong… and all the little ones have left. If you adopt a youngster, consider two?

Wild Horse Education (WHE) has engaged in monitoring of the Triple B wild horses as they were transported from range into Palomino Valley Center (PVC), north of Reno, since roundup operations began at the beginning of the month.

Yesterday we made a visit to locate specific wild horses for adoption, the visit was for one purpose only. BLM will not locate wild horses from a photograph requiring that there is a “tag number.” Just a number, we hear that so many times. WE have done several articles on the subject that our wild horses are not just a number: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2017/04/24/not-just-a-number/

There are many stories yet to tell. But simply join us for a visit to PVC.


The video begins before the roundup, a few slides of the roundup… and then holding. Yes, we saw the title typo. In order to fix it we would have to edit and upload again. Internet not strong enough where we are right now. We are completing the report on operations to submit for review, that is our priority but wanted our readers to take this journey with us. (Two of the slides are not of Triple B. A beautiful horse, born at Owyhee, is included… and of course we could not resist those burro ears.) 

We found a few that we were looking for. However we did note that many labeled as “foals” at the trap are in the adult pens (8-10 month olds). We also noted an odd lack of young fillies. There are many stories yet to tell about Triple B; a microcosm of the political picture our wild horses, and the reality they live in, struggle daily for survival and to be heard.

(READ here about Triple B and an investigation needed badly)

To help us continue to be where the wild horses need us most, and to push for this investigation, please consider helping cover field and legal expenses.
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Please remember to call Congress. The wild horses now in holding are literally in limbo waiting for the federal government to decide if they are going to put a bullet in their heads.  MORE HERE.

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