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These older wild horses were captured by helicopter and simply treated with temporary fertility control (PZP) and released back to the range. PZP is primarily used as a substance to treat wild horses after capture. All of the risks of capture do not go away because of PZP.

The amendment, passed in the House on the spending bill, gives more money for PZP, the substance. It does not change a delivery method to “only via darting.” PZP is primarily utilized as part of a helicopter roundup. The public, media and certain members of Congress are confused about that fact.

Regardless of the impression you may have been handed: it does not stop sterilization (spaying or gelding), stop roundups, it does not create habitat protection or improve humane handling practices. It does not even create a management plan that requires any reapplication. 

We still have no management plans and the taxpayer is obligated to spend $11 million on this particular substance, not how it is applied. 

NOTHING changes.

We are still heading into the years of the largest numbers of wild horses and burros removed since the Wild FreeRoaming Horses and Burros Act passed in 1971. 

2021 Budget, current action

If you want to help us push getting the opportunity to have an actual management conversation for our wild horses? We need an actual management plan so we can fight for a fair share, herd and habitat protection and what, if any, types of fertility control and implementation is appropriate for each herd. 

You can help by urging your Representative in Congress to amend the budget bill:

“I am calling about the Interior spending bill for 2021. I urge you to propose that BLM should be prohibited from using funding to remove wild horses where they have not created a management plan (HMAP) as outlined in the BLM handbook required under the Code of Federal Regulations.”

You can find your rep here:http://govtrack.us

We now have a fast “click and send” you can shoot off to your legislators: Click HERE.


If you want to do more than the abbreviated action above? We have a 3-step action targeting the Senate. Click HERE to learn more. 


If you want to learn more about the “HMAP” and the BLM plan: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2020/05/20/blm-plan-and-the-hmap/

May 8 BLM “Report to Congress” Report

BLM Wild Horse and Burro Handbook (find the HMAP HERE) handbook

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