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These older wild horses were captured by helicopter and simply treated with temporary fertility control and released back to the range. The new plan gives BLM authority to start pulling out a scalpel and spaying and gelding. The target is 80% sterilized on the range and removal of 15K-20K each year. It also allows funds to be diverted to make life better for cows through more fences. We need to STOP this now. TAKE ACTION.

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2021 Budget

As wild horse advocates we face many challenges. Wild horses live in our system of public lands where they share the range with other wild things. However, our public lands are overrun by industry that is rapidly destroying the ability of any wild thing to truly live unencumbered. Our wild things are trying to adapt to shrinking water tables, more fence lines, roads for mining trucks, roads for ATV and dirt bike races, on and on. The regulations that govern this industrial playground are complex and rapidly changing.

As a wild horse advocate we try to find the focal issue we want to change and then look for the specific area that we can work to make that change we seek a reality. In simplistic terms: you would not go to a shoe store to buy a bag of oranges.

Action item at both the top and bottom of this entry. We really hope you take the time to read the entire article. The release of the additional $21 million will be determined very soon. Please, do not put off taking action. The article explains why we ask you to take this action.

Do you really want to throw a monkey wrench into the cogs of the machine rolling over our wild horses? Get Congress to mandate a management plan. BLM will need to stop the madness planned in the roundup schedule and take those plans into actual management, not just removal. Take action today! 

Pick up the phone. Send the letter. Tell your reps BLM must be restricted from using any funding in an HMA where they have not created a management plan (HMAP). 

If your reps send you back a form letter that simply talks about fertility control? Send them another letter and ask them if they even read your first one. Restate: BLM needs to be restricted from using any funding where they have not created a management plan first. Roundup EAs are not management plans, they simply analyze the removal. BLM must be mandated to create the HMAP as outlined in the BLM handbook. They have failed the public, and the public resource, for far too long. Congress must restrict funding to ensure this travesty does not continue.

You can find your reps HERE: http://govtrack.us

Our easy click and send letter can be found HERE. 

The proposed budget for 2021, and the release of an additional $21 million to fuel this broken machine, fulfills the wish list of corporate lobby interests. This so-called “plan” released by the BLM skirts responsibility to the public resource and the public interest. It is based on a document released on May 8. BLM expects Congress to release that funding and continue the influx into 2021.

Last night (June 17) our founder did a live event on social media. We are including the documents mentioned HERE (if you have Facebook you can watch by clicking here.)

If you want to learn more about the “HMAP” and the BLM plan: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2020/05/20/blm-plan-and-the-hmap/

May 8 BLM “Report to Congress” Report

BLM Wild Horse and Burro Handbook (find the HMAP HERE) handbook

Congress must protect the public interest and protect the public resource. 

Only after an investigation is done into ethical violations by the BLM can Congress consider any change in practice, spending or the law.

Only after a review of the BLM Report to Congress, now 3 months late under Pendley, can any discussion on the budget move forward. 

Remember to be polite. Ask for an email to send a follow up letter. 

The end of the intention of Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act is at stake.

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