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As we advocate for wild horses and burros we have to take actions toward long term goals as well as short term actions. This page will update frequently and will often contain multiple actions you can participate in. 

Preface to all actions: Actions that address policy fall into 3 different branches of government.

More HERE that can help you understand that a bit about the “who and how” of advocating for change.

The actions taken for policy change are very different than action taken in “comments” on site specific planning documents. These actions are in the news section (home page) of our website.

This page contains several distinct actions you can take. Each Action is prefaced in red.

2021 Public Actions 

There will be a real hard road with a Congress so divided on environmental issues. Our wild horses cannot get left behind.

Each distinct action is headlined in red.

Hearing on the Wild Horse and Burro Program

Congress must take their responsibility to hold the agency accountable both fiscally and morally. It has been 50 years since Congress declared wild horses and burros as integral to the system of public lands. For 50 years our wild horses and burros have not had an equitable system of management processes.

We have a fast “click-and-send” letter HERE to help push for transparency and a hearing on the Wild Horse and Burro program.  

Your legislators get thousands of click-and-send letters and have a tendency to simply categorize them, instead of really reading each point you address.  The click-and-send can help show interest in an issue that we can then use as we interact to educate lawmakers.

Taking the time to print and send a letter, or craft an individual email, can help you begin to create a more personal relationship with your lawmakers to better educate them. 

Time to write!  Send a personal email or send a letter in the mail with a stamp.

You can find your representatives and their contact info here: http://govtrack.us

You can see sample letters from WHE volunteers HERE to help you start!

Appropriations (Spending)

We have taken the things you have expressed to us and created an action item to reflect the frustrations you conveyed to us: 

Contact Your Two Senators and One Representative Today

1. Call the Capitol Hill Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Representative. You can say:

“I’m a constituent, and I’m calling to ask that you please do all you can to influence changes to the Department of Interior Spending bill for the Wild Horse and Burro Program. 

  • Designate $5 million for water source creation and repair in HMAs.
  • Defund removal plans where the BLM has skirted the NEPA process and failed to create a management plan for the herd, an HMAP.
  • Designate specific funds to provide for an open online portal where the public can access range monitoring, roundup veterinary reports, shipping manifests and death statistics.
  • Defund the Adoption Incentive Program pending a review.
  • Continue to deny funding for “sales without limits.”

2. Send this fast click and send letter by clicking HERE. 

Fight Abuse

Abuses on an off the range continue. We must gain the expansion and revision of the Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy (CAWP) that was promised.

You can learn more and download a postcard to mail here: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2021/05/13/countdown-to-helicopter-season-part-2-cawp/

SAFE Act: Stop the transport, sale, possession, etc. of all horses for slaughter.

The SAFE Act has been reintroduced into the 117th Congress. Introduced in the House by Rep. Schakowsky, Janice D. [D-IL-9 on 5/19/2021 the bill has been given the number HR 3355. As of yet, there is no corresponding number in the Senate (we will update you when there is a number).

You can find your reps in the House and call (or write) and ask that they cosponsor this important bill. Remember to call it by the full name. Last year there were several bills with the acronym “SAFE.”

Find your reps HERE

Call and say “Please cosponsor HR 3355, SAFE. Amend the Horse Protection Act and put an end to transport of American horses for slaughter.” 

OR you can use this fast click and send letter HERE.



If you want to learn more about the “HMAP” and the BLM plan: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2020/05/20/blm-plan-and-the-hmap/

Important reading: