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Nevada's wild horses 2012

Nevada’s wild horses 2012

Statement from Laura Leigh, President and Founder of Wild Horse Education (WHE) on founding WHE.

The year 2011 ….

I came into this issue with the mindset that the “truth” of a story can only be revealed if it is “lived.” So I set off and literally immersed myself in the issue of wild horses and burros in America, driving over 200,000 miles following Bureau of Land Management BLM roundups to date. My list of questions grew, instead of shrunk, as I began to look at the issues surrounding the management of wild herds and public land. I formed Wild Horse Education to inform the public of the unreported, hidden holocaust that is taking place on our public ranges with our heritage animals.”

You can visit the resume built by WHE since the organization’s founding HERE. 

Contact Info: Laura@WildHorseEducation.org

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wild-Horse-Education/138523892886654

Thank you for your help in getting the truth out to the public and in changing the future for our wild herds. Wild Horse Education is a registered non-profit in the state of Nevada.

501c3 registered public charity with the IRS. Contributions are tax deductible according to the rules of the IRS.

Wild Horse Education Board of Directors

President/ Founder – Laura Leigh

Laura Leigh’s education spans nursing, media arts, fine arts and biology. She operated a wildlife nursery. She is an award winning illustrator and animator, and a photojournalist whose work has appeared in many venues including Horseback Magazine, KLAS-TV, CNN and a BBC television special. Before becoming an advocate, she managed a production studio.

Laura first became involved as an activist in the movement to end horse slaughter over two decades ago. After meeting an old mustang in a kill pen, the betrayal of what we had done to him, drove Laura to focus only on wild horses and burros. She has now spent four years and thousands of hours in the field documenting the plight of wild horses and burros, assessing range conditions, and addressing the management of these heritage animals. She has driven over 200,000 miles following BLM roundups. She is also the plaintiff in four successful ongoing cases in federal court against the Bureau of Land Management. In one case a federal Judge called Leigh likely the worlds most knowledgeable journalist on wild horses in the American West.

Cathy Ceci, Vice President


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