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The following page has been published by request. We publish videos as embeds into articles explaining the context, we rarely use Youtube or other platforms. We are updating the roundup reports from 2009-2019, video reports from range, etc., searchable.

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Surprise, 2021:

Antelope, 2021

Overview of the range, 2019

Fish Creek 2019, roundup day 2

Fish Creek, wild 2019

Triple B roundup, 2019

Eagle Mare: Warning, disturbing content.

Owyhee 2016 (after years of fighting for humane handling and access, gaining policies for both, in Nov of 2016 it was as of we went back in time a decade.

In 2015 there was a moment when a protocol that could have created a template for fair and humane on range management was possible. That made a lot of people angry. In 2019 the framework was destroyed as many made backdoor deals to forward their own interests.

Video has been viewed more than 4 million times and represents some of our early work.

These videos are samples of the thousands of hours of video documentation in the library of WHE.

A 2019 talk by our founder:

A 2019 broadcast on Danish Broadcasting Network (DRTV). It’s interesting to see how the American West looks from outside the US.

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