Our Mission Statement

Copyright 2011 Laura Leigh all rights reserved

Copyright 2011 Laura Leigh all rights reserved

Mission Statement

Wild Horse Education (WHE) was formed for the purpose of:

  • educating the public about the plight of wild horses and burros on public land, and in the government warehousing system for these animals including sale and final disposition,
  • working to end the inhumane treatment of these heritage animals,
  • encouraging the creation of a sane, scientifically-based management strategy for these animals in the wild,
  • promoting public adoptions and support those who adopt, and
  • assisting the public to advocate for the welfare of wild horses and burros.

Under the federal Wild-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 that Wild Horse Annie worked so hard to create, these herds should be protected not rounded up and sent to slaughter.


Carrying Out Our Mission

This issue of management of wild horses and burros is complex and often the public, Congress and even government employees involved in the programs are not aware of basic dynamics and factors involved.

WHE strives to provide information and education about the current situation with the wild horses and burros and the issues surrounding public land management for the various jurisdictions that manage the herds that are on public land. We do this to help facilitate public awareness and participation in these issues and in the public decision-making process.

WHE continually documents the management practices of government agencies charged with overseeing wild horses and burros, giving the public needed first hand information on what is going on the range and in wild herd holding facilities. Our information provides essential insight into herd dynamics and behavior that are central to any discussion about the best way to manage these animals in the wild.

WHE has rescued wild horses in need including orphans from the McDermitt roundup and Sheldon National wildlife refuge.

In the process of monitoring and documenting, Laura Leigh, WHE Founder and primary investigator, has now spent over three years and thousands of hours in the field; she has driven over 200,000 miles following wild horse and burro roundups. Documentation of these roundups is available on our website.


In order to obtain documentation necessary for the public awareness and  to ensure the welfare and prohibit the inhumane treatment of America’s wild horses and burros, our organization has had to resort to legal actions. WHE now has four active cases in federal court against the managing agency, Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Three of these suits are against inhumane treatment and the other is a First Amendment case that requests public access to all locations—from capture to disposition—of America’s heritage animals. Currently BLM regularly designates selected areas off limits to the public.

copyright Laura Leigh

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We are a registered non profit with the State of Nevada and a 501c3 public charity with the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions can be sent through our donation page here: http://WildHorseEducation.org

Checks can be mailed to:     Wild Horse Education 216 Lemmon Drive, #316, Reno NV 89506


Please email questions to: WildHorseEducation@gmail.com

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