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NOW, help us break the chain around the neck of our wild horses


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Update 10/11: The Senate will have the subcommittee will vote next week, 10/17. The full committee vote is scheduled for the 19th. Please make your calls today.

We need you to make the following three calls (or Fax) now. Each action is specific to the House or Senate. Make each action distinct, three calls or fax. An article below the action has a further explanation.

You can send a free FAX today; click HERE for Senate, click HERE for House. Phone numbers for your representatives can be found at, please call tomorrow: govtrack.us

Senate: “I do not want any federal funds used to kill healthy wild horses. The Department of Interior budget has multiple options to save a few million dollars. Not one subsidy to livestock is addressed in the budget and the federal grazing program is out of control. The wild horses should not be shot or sent to slaughter to continue the broken grazing program. As an American I find it unacceptable, completely unacceptable.”

House: “Please support Raul Grijalva’s efforts to get a full hearing into the House subcommittee into infractions in public land management that include intimidation of federal workers, safety issues to the public and illegal activities that forward independent and private agendas. Acting Deputy Director of the BLM, John Ruhs, must be held accountable.” (please note Grjalva’s office has all of the information and has been working on this issue for years. You can tell your representative to contact Grijalva for the details).

Senate: “As an American I am asking that the Senate create a full investigation into illegal activities occurring in public land management that includes intimidation of employees by superiors, threats from private interests, creates a clear and present public safety issue and forwards personal political agenda. Acting Deputy Director of the BLM, John Ruhs, must be held accountable.” (You can tell your Senator to contact Raul Grijalva in the House for details)

Please help us, help the wild ones. Make those three actions part of your day.

EDIT: John Ruhs no longer sits in DC. He was bumped back down to the NV State office and in Jan 2018, sent to head Fire in Idaho. But we need more…

Please sign on:


The Whites of Their Eyes (letter to WHE supporters from Laura Leigh)

At the battle of Bunker Hill British forces moved on American Patriots. The Patriots were short on supplies, outnumbered and reportedly starving. General John Stark, Thomas Knowlton, Prescott, and Putnam all told their men to stay silent. No one truly knows who actually said “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.”

That phrase has been used in military operations for over a century. To conserve ammunition, energy when outnumbered and retain an element of surprise, waiting until the right moment can be crucial.

It’s time to fire.

When I write this way somehow it is unacceptable to many because my reproductive organs are better suited to giving birth than to writing my name in the snow in a stream of urine. I don’t dress “pretty,” give myself a third degree burn with a curling iron and I can swear like a Congressman. I have advocated for wild horses living in a truck, no shower and often covered in dust. I don’t attend the expensive parades and I don’t host luncheons and wine tastings. I have tried hard to be more “socially acceptable” but it has never been my strong suit.

If your objective is the same as mine, protecting our wild places and wild ones, please take the actions on this page NOW. Please take this action.

Since April I have been working every single day to get the data, information, documentation of the range, the horses and the people involved in the public land management charade, into the hands of those that can make the change we need. The change our public land (wild horses are a small part of that picture) needs is that the corrupt hamster wheel burns. For decades our wild ones are a placation tool used in a corrupt environment that is perpetuated by lies, liars, manipulators and intimidators.

Our involvement with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Government Accounting Office (GAO), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) goes back years. Issues involving the illegal sale to slaughter of wild horses, intimidation of federal employees, illegal livestock grazing practices, death threats have all made their way into a pipeline that can give our public lands a fair shot at surviving this onslaught. A House Natural Resources investigative team was given all the information beginning in April.

Documents and testimony have already been received and scrutinized. Additional witnesses, those that have participated on the ground not from behind a computer screen, have already come forward and complied. Just like in a court case we can not discuss, nor expose, all the details until those that control the legal process determine how, and where, to make the details public.

We operated very quietly, we had to. Not only have we been the target of the opposition but the opposition used advocacy over and over to attack us through the fictions perpetuated on social media to cut off our “supply train.” At a certain point threats can get uncomfortable for anyone. Sitting in the trench gathering information with no funds, no food and only a quarter of a tank of gas, is not an unusual occurrence for those of us at WHE. For the cost of one billboard we can keep a data collection pipeline running for months.

Many people are aware that the Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke is now under scrutiny. His National Monument report is a sham that is being exposed. His apparent misuse of tax payer funds as he pushes the agenda of the public land seizure movement is now coming under the same scrutiny.

Karen Budd-Falen is drawing public attention as the President’s nominee to head the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Her attachments to the “seizure” movement make her easy fodder for a press now (finally) hungry for greater truths. However there is every indication that she is another distraction and not the main objective.

John Ruhs is now acting Deputy Director of the BLM. We have every indication that he is actually under consideration to head the agency. Do not let him slide by without the same scrutiny. He is part of the same train that has moved this agenda forward, likely through illegal and unethical practices. “Manipulation” is not legal land management.

Make those calls TODAY. You do not have to do anything except the very simple action items outlined at the top of the page. What we need to show is numbers. But that voice is not ours in process, it’s yours. We have sent on the support letter. Now you have to get your representative to support the actions. That action is simple, we need an official investigation to happen.

I am receiving emails daily from people upset and concerned over mailers received by other orgs, crazy stuff online, the propaganda of the opposition. You have been getting those things for years now, that is not new. It is a distract tactic that cuts the supply line and draws you off target. It is gonna get worse. Focus on the “whites of their eyes.” If you don’t? The wild horses and public land lose. You can run the wine tasting after the war is won… I don’t need an invitation.

The opposition is under fire. The need for scrutiny is rising. The doorway to get that scrutiny is opening.  We can not run this through without YOU.


If you want to know more read our series on the public land seizure movement: https://wildhorseeducation.org/wild-wild-horses-and-the-public-land-seizure-movement/

The scrutiny into the bully practices had already begun. The OIG opened an investigation that they dropped because Murkowski would not cooperate. The GAO picked up that probe through the hard work of Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) and Frank Pallone (D-NJ). http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/349901-gao-to-investigate-zinkes-alleged-alaskan-threat (RUHS needs the same thing… even if federal employees are too afraid to cooperate)

Zinke busted for travel expenses: https://www.rawstory.com/2017/09/busted-interior-sec-ryan-zinke-used-taxpayer-money-to-rent-private-jets-to-fly-to-the-caribbean/amp/

Zinke’s weird speech on oil and gas: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2017/09/26/zinke-says-a-third-of-interiors-staff-is-disloyal-to-trump-and-promises-huge-changes/?utm_term=.b9f335051819

Zinke’s report to Congress on National Monuments (that cost tax payers a fortune) is filled with many factual errors: https://www.eenews.net/greenwire/stories/1060061363


We have a matching donor this week that will match contributions up to $500.


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