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I am an American Mustang, I need your help

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Legally defined by the land they stand upon, our wild horses truly are a doorway to the American spirit of the West.

Very few things can stir the American soul like a herd of galloping wild horses  across a valley floor. They can transport you in time like a living history book with the beat of their thundering hooves that matches the rhythm of your beating heart.

In 1971 the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act was passed unanimously by both houses of Congress. “The living symbol of the pioneer spirit” was to be protected and preserved as integral to our landscape and American identify.

Instead wild horses have been minimized on our western ranges. Given less than 16% of forage on less than 12% of public land they have been played like a throw away card in a poker game. For decades our wild horses have been the scapegoat of a failure of federal land managers to hold profit driven and massively subsidized industry accountable for the damage done to public land.

Not only are our wild horses in extreme danger but the land they stand on is suffering from over a century of intimidation, bullying and corruption. Our wild horses are the only animal in our nation legally defined by the land they they stand on, not what they are. They are literally the doorway to understanding, protecting and preserving our western landscape.

You have a voice and you need to use it.

“My grandpa walked me into a voting booth when I was 5 years old. He had fought in two world wars and all of his sons served in the military or became law enforcement officers. He did not lay his life on the line and instill the ‘fighting spirit’ in his offspring for selfish purposes, he was proud to be an American. He was not born with any silver spoon and delivered milk in Brooklyn with a team of percherons to feed his young, and growing, family. He was an original teamster and had the scars to prove it. To my ‘pop’ this was a country where we all had the right to a better life, not just him, but all of us. My grandpa told me if I ever failed to vote, he’d haunt me. I loved that man that spoke mostly in grunts, not words.

Please take the three actions at this link. Please mark how your representatives respond to you. Then vote accordingly next year. Our wild horses, and the land they stand on, need you to use your voice. Your voice belongs to you.”



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Please remember to use your voice. Our wild ones need protection and the public deserves clear answers and some integrity from those “in charge.”

We need you to make these three calls to protect our wild ones.

You can send a free FAX today; click HERE for Senate, click HERE for House. Phone numbers for your representatives can be found at, please call tomorrow: govtrack.us

Senate: “I do not want any federal funds used to kill healthy wild horses. The Department of Interior budget has multiple options to save a few million dollars. Not one subsidy to livestock is addressed in the budget and the federal grazing program is out of control. The wild horses should not be shot or sent to slaughter to continue the broken grazing program. As an American I find it unacceptable, completely unacceptable.”

House: “Please support Raul Grijalva’s efforts to get a full hearing into the House subcommittee into infractions in public land management that include intimidation of federal workers, safety issues to the public and illegal activities that forward independent and private agendas. Acting Deputy Director of the BLM, John Ruhs, must be held accountable.” (please note Grjalva’s office has all of the information and has been working on this issue for years. You can tell your representative to contact Grijalva for the details).

Senate: “As an American I am asking that the Senate create a full investigation into illegal activities occurring in public land management that includes intimidation of employees by superiors, threats from private interests, creates a clear and present public safety issue and forwards personal political agenda. Acting Deputy Director of the BLM, John Ruhs, must be held accountable.” (You can tell your Senator to contact Raul Grijalva in the House for details)


To make a donation to our work without ordering a flag click this link. 




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