Handouts and Pamphlet, Wild Horses

Information is presented before a critical action item on the budget. We have presented it this way with hopes that you look at the information and understand why picking up a phone, sending a personal FAX or letter, is vital. The budget debate that may kill tens of thousands of wild horses is going to heat up, likely to come to a head by the second week of January.

E-Mag used in Webinars, updated November 2017; legislative issues, the big picture. This “basics” is still relevant, NOW.


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Our readers have asked for updated material to use as a resource in meetings with Representatives and at equine events this summer, 2017.

These were created rapidly, as our desk is full of pressing matters. We hope these help until we can insert some fancy graphics.

If you need a more detailed report for Congressional representatives or media, we have one available.

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Pamphlet, double sided and tri fold WHE_Pam2017b



WHE 2022 On-Range report includes the historic perspective and loss of critical habitat. A “must-read” for those of you engaging in debates with your representatives.

You can download a copy HERE. 

Kids can help!

#Kids4WildHorses is taking letters to Congress (in person and by mail). We all must be mindful about the world we leave to our children.

click here for more: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2017/10/25/4-leg-brigade-kids-can-help-wild-horses/


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