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4 Leg Brigade; Kids can help wild horses!

America’s wild horses are in serious trouble. A vote in the US Senate committee that determines funding for government spending by the Department of Interior has included protections that will not kill tens of thousands of wild horses, But the US House of Representatives has.  

The bill now goes into conference. We need to turn members of the House to a more sane, and humane, conversation.

In 1971 Congress passed the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act, to protect our wild horses that were being removed and slaughtered. The Act was passed with the help of America’s school children.

“We are doing all we can to address this highly politicized conversation,” said Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Education. “Sometimes politicians forget that they are not only responsible to those that make campaign contributions, they are responsible to all of us and that includes our children. What kind of a legacy are we creating? There are alternatives and they need a closer look.”

“The emotional well being, health and physical safety of children should be society’s number one priority.” said Lynn Cross of Little Brook Farm “All decisions need to be made with their best interests in mind, which includes providing truly, equal educational and experiential opportunities, protecting the environment in which they live and allowing them a voice to speak up for what they feel they need to protect. Destroying the wild horses is not an option. The debate is how to work collectively to care for them responsibly.”

Lynn Cross contacted Laura Leigh and the 4-legged brigade was born. The message from the range, and our children, will be carried to Washington next week by the ambassador of all things equine, the miniature horse named Fritz.

The story begins on the range.


Kreiger is a Bernese Mountain dog that travels with his best friend Laura Leigh. She tracks and fights for protections for wild horses. Kreiger found a letter in the sagebrush. Kreiger sent the letter on to a wild horse that lives back east. (Kreiger’s note can been seen here.)

Amado gained fame when he competed in a Mustang event with his new friend Summer Brennan. Summer and Amado live at Little Brook Farm. (you can see a video of Amado getting Kreiger’s letter from his mailbox here.)

All the mustangs at the farm got together. They knew that Fritz, the minature horse, has had experience talking to politicians. Fritz is a great strategist.

Fritz said he will get letters from America’s children to Washington along with information from the range.

Fritz said that Amado has his own mailbox so the letters can be sent there. Fritz is looking into travel plans.

A simple “Dear Congress, Wild horses are important to me because…” letter, or picture, can be mailed to: Amado at Little Brook Farm PO Box 127, Old Chatham, NY 12136

Mail letters to Amado and post pictures on social media #Kids4WildHorses

 All of our voices matter.

We don’t know how many 4-legged will join this brigade. Will you?


If you want to send us video “letters” we will burn a CD and put in Fritz’s new saddlebags! We can except video files at WHEWildThings@gmail.com

This precious video was just sent to us! Watch to the end.

We will do our best Lillie (4 years old). Fritz is on the job!

You can follow the story on Little Brook Farms Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Little-Brook-Farm-127296490647422/

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