A Letter From Our Wild Horses


From the desk of Kreiger

Please stayed tuned… this is just the beginning.

Action item for kids: http://bit.ly/2yNtok6

Action item for adults can be found here: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2017/10/13/a-personal-plea/


Update! Amado has gotten the letter Krieger found! You can watch the delivery on facebook at this link https://www.facebook.com/127296490647422/videos/1570818399628550/?hc_ref=ARSjihiSBD6VDK8tuYTa52HeZ2XRu1Xz94Pqq2OxRwdVB8tnwftPUSA9LL4TmQPlATY&pnref=story

Hi Amado,imgsummer

My name is Krieger. I live out West, where you come from. I remember when your friend Summer came to visit me. I was just a pup then. We went to see some wild horses that needed good homes like you have.

IMG_0168My best friend Laura has been really sad lately. She works really hard to try to keep the family you were taken from safe. She told me that they may be killed soon. She has been trying so hard to get other humans to listen. Sometimes it can be hard to do. It makes her really sad.


I’m writing to you because we found a letter from the wild ones that live free. They say that people need to understand who they are and the reality that they live. They said that they heard there are humans that are going to making big decisions soon.


I told Laura to send you my note and the letter from your family. I remember when we sent you some sage from your home. I hope you liked it. But this letter might be important.


Do you know anyone that can help? My mom and I talk to the wild ones but it is too far for them to travel, even though they are very strong and fast. Laura said there is not much time, that is why she is so sad. I don’t like it when she is sad.

I like going out to see your family in the wild. They are really cool.

I hope you can do something with the letter. Tell Summer I said hello.


A picture for you.

SS_521_CS_002 - 1 (2)


Krieger’s letter went off to Amado at Little Brook Farm. We will update you on the trail of the letter from the range soon. As soon as Amado has the letter, we expect him to take swift action!