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Divide, Distract, Deceive and Conquer, and a webinar


Sarge, going to sanctuary was great for him. But what threatened him on the range, threatens all of our wild horses. Can you help us?

With wild horse advocacy we represent an interest that is widespread; people all over the nation, and the world, love America’s wild horses. However our interest lives in areas where a long standing resentment of public (federal) interference with profit driven exploitation is intense. The intensity of that resentment should finally be evident to all of those that watch wild horses from afar. The intense Legislative landslide in Congress is like a long festering pimple finally showing up on your face. This thing has been under the surface causing discomfort for a long time but that nasty white spot has finally surfaced for all to see, on the face of our nation. (Please remember the battle to gain public, federal, jurisdiction of Velma Johnston, “Wild Horse Annie.” ALL of that is on the line today).

People are paying attention to how media, infiltration, defamation and cyber stalking and disinformation has been used worldwide. Why is it still so hard to get people to understand that these same tactics have been used domestically? They have. These tactics have been very effective.

We are going to focus on public land. We will remind you all, once again, that wild horses do not exist in a vacuum. With advocacy for horses there are many aspects from adoption, rescue, sanctuary and roundups (humane handling). Although extremely important, none of those deal with the wild, wild horse. The wild, wild horse is range management.

There has been a distract and divide campaign running for years and years on public land issues, wild horses included. Sometimes those tactics are used internally as well and masquerade as “marketing.” However the railway built by those tactics now has a train on it and it is running straight down the tracks. The destination includes public land and wild horses… and horse slaughter.

Several of the dangers in this environment include the multiple drama storms. These are intended to distract you and cause a reaction from you. We warned several years ago that forums were trolled, or intentionally set up, to determine how you react. Watching how and what caused the greatest reaction was often with the intention of “how” to turn your attention from an important subject. Sometimes it was done to see how to diminish or invalidate a real threat to their agenda, how to get advocates to take out advocates.

They learned what they needed to. Have you leaned how to spot it when it happens? If we can not address that tool, we become a tool.

We recognize this at an international level. We need to start understanding how it operates domestically. As wild horse advocates we need to become immune to it in public land issues. Can we?

Focusing on the antics of the center ring, old agenda tactics and drama will end in horse slaughter and the loss of wild horse herds.

In Nevada there is a meeting today of all three Resource Advisory Councils, or RACs, in Nevada. We submitted a comment. It is not a sign on letter.

“Sometimes I have to put myself through what seems absurd,” Laura Leigh, WHE, “but there is always a reason. Sometimes being held day after day behind a mountain and refused access can lead to court rulings like the one in the Ninth Circuit on First Amendment issues now cited nationwide in civil rights cases. Sometimes banging your head over and over against the wall of inhumane conduct can create victories that lead to policy changes. What I have put myself through over the last two years? It’s the monster of public land management and all that resides within, above and below. Within it is the push to resume mustanging, killing wild horses for profit.”

Tonight we are doing a webinar at 5 pm pacific time. These webinars run about 2 hours. There is still time to join. We will be discussing current legislative threats, challenges to addressing the resource take over of public land and horse slaughter. Information on how to join is at the bottom of this page. https://wildhorseeducation.org/2017/04/02/hr-1668-not-a-good-thing-for-wild-horses/

If you can not attend you can help us to use all we have learned. We need help to establish our litigation fund, we have one heck of a battle ahead. If you have been following our work you know we have a really good track record. We don’t chest beat, we win. Help us create a real war chest, we can only do what we have resources to accomplish. https://wildhorseeducation.org/donate/

If you can not do either? Continue to read… an educated advocacy is our only hope. We will be beginning a “Leave No Horse Behind” campaign on Monday. We will have stories for you that take you from range, holding, sanctuary and back to the range. This fight is about them.

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