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Possible Strangles Quarantine at Axtell


Wild horses captured from Reveille in Nevada were also sent to Axtel

A Bureau of Land Management (BLM) press release note a voluntary quarantine of the wild horse holding facility Axtell in Utah, for an outbreak of an upper respiratory disease.

Symptoms of Streptococcus equi are present in the population, what the public calls “strangles.”

The current press release notes symptoms have been noted in younger animals since March 27. They say no animals have died.

The press release notes adoptions of horses from Conger ad Frisco may be delayed. The BLM release does not include that wild horses also captured from the Reveille HMA in Nevada were also shipped to Axtell.


Colt at Palomino Valley exhibiting symptoms in 2013

Seeing strangles in populations stressed from capture and placed in facilities, where the disease has been present in the past, is not entirely uncommon. Facilities that rotate horses in and out, take in highly stressed populations from the range, can have an ongoing issue.

Many show arenas, breeding farms and travels on a show circuit have had similar issues with this disease and it is not isolated to a “wild horse” issue. Any horse owner should familiarize themselves with this disease. Article written with an emphasis on controlling stangles in a domestic environment.  http://www.thehorse.com/articles/19932/strangles-management-and-prevention

Ringworm, papillovirus and strangles have been of concern for us for a long time.  We have been expected BLM to issue a national protocol in the second round of it”s “Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy” (CAWP) for a very long time.

Animal welfare is not just capture.

ARTICLE FROM 2013 from Wild Horse Education about our concerns of health issues in holding facilities: https://wildhorseeducation.org/health-concerns-in-holding-facilities/  




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