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Trivia, Do You Remember?

Win a WHE T-shirt. The first 3 people that can name the location of the following photos wins a shirt. If you miss one you can use the bonus photo, the handsome guy in the hat, in place of the photo you miss.

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Thank you for playing! We have edited this post to include the answers. The pictures represent just some of the work of WHE. We will run another trivia contest soon!

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  1. Winter roundup where nearly 1400 wild horses were captured. The operation was called off early because of the number of heavily pregnant mares and weather.

Answer: Antelope Complex, 2011. An intense winter roundup than ran nearly 6 weeks. The roundup was called off early as very heavily pregnant mares were being run in extreme weather conditions and we thank those of you that participated in a “clog the fax” campaign.

We attempted to work through our issues with inappropriate conduct with BLM. BLM conducted an investigation and cleared the contractor and BLM staff saying “all was just fine.” They tried to minimize and fictionalize our documentation. The next roundup? We simply took them to federal court and won.

You can read old blog entries here: https://wildhorseeducation.org/roundups/roundups-2011/antelope-nv-2010/laura-leigh2.Answer: Fish Creek. Contentious release of wild horses back to the range. Fertility control program is on hold because of litigation from the livestock industry. WHE is engaged in legal action to keep these wild horses free.

162 wild horses were released back to Fish Creek of the 432 removed in a February roundup. The release only happened after a contentious legal fight with the county and livestock interests in the area. WHE engaged as the death toll to the horses head captive rose. Fish Creek is the largest temporary fertility control project on the nation, actually we should say “was.” The program is still emeshed in a legal battle.

You have to ask yourself why would livestock interests want to block temporary fertility control and data collection?

Watch the release here: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2015/04/14/thank-you-gallop-to-freedom/


3. BLM announced a roundup and WHE filed litigation. Roundup called off.

Answer: Snowstorm (part of Owyhee). BLM planned to remove 340 wild horses from Snowstorm via bait trapping. We were at another roundup with the Travel Chanel as BLM set panels and offered to take selected members of media to the location.

We had active litigation that addressed inappropriate conduct and a lack of data to support the decision in the Complex. We simply filed new litigation and BLM dropped the operation.

Read here: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2013/08/19/wild-horse-roundup-suspended-after-legal-action-filed/


4. Over 1000 wild horses were rounded up in the first phase of a ten year plan. Litigation by WHE brought important language toward building the first national humane handling policy in history.

ANSWER: Owyhee Complex. “I am in tears. Three years of running this grueling marathon from range to courtroom to gain an honest conversation about the inhumane handling of an American treasure now has the very first, specific language, toward actually gaining the first humane care standard in the history of the Act.” said Laura Leigh, “I am literally in tears.”

Read about the win at Owyhee here: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2013/01/10/judge-orders-blm-to-handle-wild-horses-humanely-at-ongoing-roundup/


5. Summer roundup that had a goal of removing over 1700 wild horses went to court. The first Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction in history against conduct issues was granted to Laura Leigh of WHE. The Judge called the defense of this action “A blame the horse affront.”

Answer: Triple B. This was the first roundup following the Antelope Complex where WHE tried to work in the system to create a humane handling policy and BLM simply denied they needed one.

Triple B, a summer roundup in 2011 gathered more than wild horses for the BLM. It earned them the first court orders in history against the inhumane treatment of wild horses. A grueling 5 week long roundup had WHE’s Laura Leigh onsite documenting the treatment of wild horses. Documentation showed multiple instances of inappropriate conduct. The tension continued to increase. In August a horse was hit with the skids of the chopper to keep it moving. Leigh took her documentation into federal court. The court granted a Temporary Restraining Order against pilot conduct citing BLM justification as a “blame the horse affront.” The Judge further stated that he could “see with his own eyes” what had happened in the footage shown to the court. The roundup stopped.

Later, due to another win in federal court by Leigh, the end of operations did not make the matter “moot,” meaning BLM could not get the case dismissed claiming the discussion was over as the working documents, and BLM claiming the area was still over AML, made the discussion still one for the courts. At that time he granted a Preliminary Injunction to operations, the first in history to inappropriate conduct.

We now have the first humane handling policy in history that BLM calls “CAWP,” or Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy, included in roundup contracts. We are working on a second phase for facilities.

So much happened at Triple B, https://wildhorseeducation.org/?s=triple+b+


6. Foals run in June, outside of BLM standard practice, as they claimed emergency. BLM planned a large scale operation without justifying it beyond a small area. The Judge basically said “nope.”

Answer: Jackson Mountain. BLM used a small portion of the area to say an emergency gather needed to be done in a large area in June, the heart of foaling season. WHE filed litigation and the court ruled that BLM could not use a small area to justify a large removal. WHE won.



BONUS This handsome guy travelled to more days of wild horse roundups than any human observer, other than his partner Leigh, until his death in 2013.

Answer: Elvis. We love you and miss you.

If you can answer these questions you have a good understanding of just a few of the actions of WHE over the years. Email answers to WHEQnA@gmail.com

Good Luck!

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