Wild Horse Roundup Suspended After Legal Action Filed

Removal Cancelled?

Snowstorm wild horses (Owyhee Complex)

(Reno, NV) On August 19th, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) formally announced the suspension of the Snowstorm (Owyhee Complex) removal of 340 wild horses scheduled to begin earlier this month.

On August 9th  in federal district court in Reno Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Education filed motions  against the BLM. Leigh asked the court to stop the removal based on her contention that there was no real emergency, inhumane treatment was likely, the proposed agency action was not supported by sufficient data,  and that it violated the First Amendment.

BLM began to set traps on August 1st at Snowstorm. At that time they informed Leigh that removals would begin in ten days. A hearing is scheduled for the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) for Snowstorm filed on August 9th and the Preliminary Injunction in an underlying claim filed in January after Owyhee Complex wild horses were run through barbed wire, foals run to exhaustion, and hotshots were used excessively, among other inappropriate conduct issues.

BLM now says the operation has been cancelled.

“I am glad to see this portion of the roundup stopped, I wish I could believe it was a moment of sanity,” stated Leigh “However this flawed plan in play for the next ten years is based purely on speculation and removals. The plan at Owyhee demonstrates clearly everything wrong with management practices that have led to the current crisis. Simply postponing an action because it is in a courtroom does not resolve the issue.”

On the 19th Leigh’s attorney filed documents with the court requesting that BLM clarify if the roundup is cancelled or postponed, and requesting the court to take appropriate action on the TRO Motion based on the actual status of the removal.

~~~ is a Nevada non-profit supporting THREE active federal cases against the BLM. We are devoted to gaining protection for wild horses and burros from abuse, slaughter and extinction.

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Of note is that BLM’s “Three HMA” (Triple B/Maverick Medicine) bait trap this summer that initially denied public access created daily observation after litigation was expanded in that ongoing case.

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