Fast Notes From the Courthouse Updated 6:24 pm

The ten year Owyhee Complex roundup plan began in November 2012

The ten year Owyhee Complex roundup plan began in November 2012

Owyhee Complex Motions August 21 courthouse update


Preliminary Injunction on Owyhee Complex Complaint filed in January
BLM (in spite of recent plans to remove horses from the Complex) has told the court there is no need for a Preliminary Injunction as they will not be removing wild horses for at least 2-3 years in the Complex.
We contend that BLM is known to “change plans” and if funding and space in holding becomes available they will take horses.
Written ruling on Preliminary Injunction later today.
Temporary Restraining Order on Snowstorm (Owyhee Complex) filed earlier this month after BLM set traps in Snowstorm
BLM has cancelled the Snowstorm bait trap…
therefore Motion denied
Amended Complaint
Judge pointed out some administrative tasks and we must refile. Will do so asap with court changes incorporated.
Hearing at 1:30 on the horses in Fallon. The hearing produced a denial of the Restraining Order and Tribal Authorities are free to sell horses
Forest Service created an agreement, horses came off tribal and BLM land, and the tribes took them. Convoluted process and no place to hang a Judgement. Horses are being sold. (slideshow below the video on Owyhee)
Briefs due in Triple B and the Ninth Circuit shortly… keep checking back. Official press release out shortly.

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