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Fish Lake Update and Other News


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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is removing 150 wild horses from the Fish Lake Valley Herd Management Area (HMA) in Tonopah  District. Wild Horse Education (WHE) did a pre-roundup survey of the area. Our concern is that even if BLM  removes distressed animals from the  area,  within months the identical situation will arise. Movement of horses from Forest Service Land and the adjoining Carson District may simply fill the void left by the removal. (Updated aug 23: BLM stopped at 122 in Fish Lake. 2 euthanized, one released that the community knows well. All others shipped to Ridgecrest. note: this could have been bad as many horses were in declining condition yet BLM reports that all but two were in condition to ship).

After the removal at Fish Lake,  BLM will move to zero out Gold Mountain. There is a minimal wild horse population there that is in deteriorating condition for a variety of factors. The Gold Mountain HMA  does  have a set burro AML yet currently no burros reside in the HMA. Habitat is suited for burros and we have recommended an incremental reintroduction. WHE is looking to get observer on the ground.

Help in the Field for Laura Leigh

Martyn Stewart flew in from Africa to cover the roundup as Laura Leigh is currently dealing with a health issue (Laura is ok just needs to stay near the treatment center for a couple more weeks).  This was Martyn’s first roundup, although he has covered the dolphin slaughter in Taiji and marine issues extensively, the experience in Nevada was rather memorable. When Martyn arrived the roundup was postponed with no advance notice… that gave Martyn time to spend with the horses. He was struck with how peaceful they were. The horses in the area were in declining condition but their spirit struck Martyn. The delay in operation allowed Martyn to attend the auction in Fallon as well (a very tense day with litigation pending and killbuyers bidding).. Then he drove back to Tonopah for the roundup. There he watched a helicopter drive in the horses he had spent time with. He had the same issues that many of us have… the fatigue, the changing schedule, and vehicles parked in your way when you are trying to see the bits and pieces you are permitted to view. Martyn left Nevada… and we do not think he will ever forget it. We hope he comes back to learn more… the issues, the different districts and the convoluted layers of “management” that our magnificent wild horses are caught in.

BLM Update page: http://www.blm.gov/nv/st/en/fo/battle_mountain_field/blm_programs/wild_horse_and_burro/Battle_Mountain_District_WH_B_2013_Summer_Gathers/gatreports.html



At the hearing yesterday the Judge told us of some administrative issues with one of our complaints. We got the Owyhee Complaint on file at 3:47 am. And yesterday evening we filed another motion in Triple B. The First Amendment case gets ready for the Ninth in the next couple of weeks. Busy! We will keep you posted on the legal cases.

On the Range

Wild Horse Education has sent a few folks out on the range to gather data for arising issues. Field Reports coming soon.

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