Blue Wing

Travel Channel Covers Wild Horses

Blue Wing Wild Horse Roundup by BLM

Blue Wing Wild Horse Roundup by BLM

UPDATE: Travel Chanel is cycling the piece on wild horses. It played again at 10am on Sunday November 17th. Check local listings for a time in your area. It airs with the piece on DBCooper (and they show that image, not wild horses). WHE was also featured on Businesstalk radio network yesterday and they sent us an mp3 and said we could load on the web. You can listen here.

click highlighted text Laura Leigh talks wild horses on radio from Laura Leigh on Vimeo.

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Tune into Travel Channel’s new series “America Declassified” at 10 pm on Sunday November 10th.  “Nowhere to Run,” is a piece that asks many questions about America’s “management” of wild horses on our public land including addressing the issue of slaughter. Pulitzer prize nominee Dave Phillips (who we worked with before on the investigation that led to the discovery of more than 1700 wild horses going to just one killbuyer) comes back to Nevada to join Wild Horse Education’s Laura Leigh once again at a wild horse roundup.

Leigh said she worked with the crew prior to arrival and assisted with shooting schedule and arranging itinerary. “They came for four days and ran a fast sprint through the entire wild horse world,” said Leigh “from free on the range, capture, holding, adoption and all the questions within the wild world of wild horses. They obtained enough to do a mini series. I can’t wait to see the final edit.”

The Travel Chanel program “Nowhere to Run,” joins NBC’s TODAY show, “The True Cost of Roundups,” coverage as the beginning of gaining the attention of larger media this year and reaching American’s that do not know we even have wild horses.

The Blue Wing Roundup took place in Northern Nevada this past summer after the NAS report was released. The government shutdown has come and gone and sadly… there has been no change in the management of wild horses on the range since the filming of this report.

The slideshow below is from some of our time with the crew.

So let’s contact friends and family and watch America Declassified’s, ” Nowhere to Run” at 10 pm on Sunday November 10th on the Travel Channel!

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Laura Leigh talks wild horses on radio from Laura Leigh on Vimeo.