THANK YOU! Gallop to Freedom

“Team Fish Creek” opens the door to a brave new world

Thank you to all of you that kept the faith and believed that together we would see these wild horses returned home. Thank you to all of those committed to making this project a long term success that paves a solid path forward.

The future of our wild ones depends on a commitment that stays focused on what is real, what is not, and the stamina to cut through it all. This has been years in the making, and a hard fight that brought sorrow as some of those intended to be released died in holding, but the plan steps forward for the herd.

Today we celebrate freedom with all of you. A moment to breathe.

Gratitude to everyone on “Team Fish Creek!


BLM caved to political pressure, completely. The suit the ranchers filed, that WHE filed litigation in opposition, lost in court. But it won in the backroom. 

A real way forward that fixed the broken framework, has been destroyed.

In the fall of 2019? This herd was devastated and exists only in fragments. The wild ones released in 2015, betrayed. We will never forget how, why and who. 

BLM entered into backdoor deals with those that engaged in harassment campaigns. The $2 million dollar investment to begin the largest fertility control project in the nation, at Fish Creek, has been flushed down the drain. (WHE invested nearly 100K into all the work at Fish Creek. Not one dart ever flew. The program nixed in the “friends and family” club of BLM.)

The suit (by county and ranchers) that lost? won in the office of John Ruhs, BLM NV State Director. (in a tragic twist members of advocacy also began making their own backdoor deals while we were fighting for the law. Certain “advocate groups” are just as responsible for the destruction of this herd as the county is, because they want the public to think they are “leaders” when they are not.  more HERE.) In other backdoor deals BLM has been impeding water, proposing oil and gas and more. 

Fish Creek is now on the roundup Schedule for 2019. The proposed objectives? Exactly what the “Grass March” factions wanted in the lawsuit that lost in court.

Appropriate Management? Fair and equitable engagement in process? 

There was a single moment in time when the objectives of a legal and data based discussion took a step forward. It vanished under threats, manipulation and, as always, wild horses, and justice, pay a heavy price.

In the fall of 2019? This herd was devastated and exists only in fragments. The wild ones released, betrayed. We will never forget. 

To read more about Fish Creek, drama storms and the rough road ahead! remains devoted to gaining protection from abuse, slaughter and extinction for America’s wild horses and burros.

Help us stay in the fight.