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Wild Horse Education (WHE) is engaged in multiple projects that require intensive study, research, field work and conversations (in person and in writing, project related and legal). We are completing a promised QnA video. We are helping multiple people with various projects. Updating project by project and event by event is impossible right now because the speed at which we need to work to be effective is, well, fast. For the sake of moving quickly, “2 posts in 1.”


Leigh has hit the “million mile mark.”

A journal entry from Leigh:

I am writing this leaning my computer against the dryer as my clothes, that I forgot to wash that I need to get back into the suitcase, finish drying. Downing my third cup of coffee and fantasizing about a shower, I know I need to get something out to our readers. I have a 10am call and another at 11:30, people waiting for me in another town to work on an important project, two film makers wanting footage, certification on an important task to complete, legal documents to read, a book edit to complete, survey to log and a truck that needs cleaning before being repacked. I also need to hug my big dog that keeps giving me “the look.”

Last week I hit my “Million Mile” mark on the road. A million miles! Those miles include documentation in 7 states, so many legal battles I have lost count and the faces of the literally tens of thousands of wild horses removed from the range (I have witnessed with my own eyes). Some of them I have watched in holding facilities for years, a precious few I have seen get good homes and the vast majority of them disappear into the vast chasm of holding and politics.

There are days I wish there was some kind of chip in my head like the one in my camera…. so I could simply download and share all of the information it carries, because time is in a preciously limited supply.

How do I write an update without sounding like a jerk? How do I write to the public so they will understand? The amount of work that needs done, the speed at which it needs to be done and perspective is not something I can write in 6 simple paragraphs. Somedays I have patience, some I simply can not find where I packed it.

But it all goes back to the horses. The ones still free. The ones that inspire us and heal our souls. When I stand with them I feel the urgency and see the flaws even clearer. Healing for me is no longer happening when I go to the range, a new fury is taking hold. Not sure how hot it is going to burn… I need to find my internal “fire extinguisher.”

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A “view” of the last two weeks from the desk of WHE and the needs of the wild ones.

A fast photo log from the last two weeks.

Just in the last month we are addressing many things. Land use planning is changing pushed by the Greater Sage Grouse, deficits abound and we are working to address them. Political pressure to stick to outdated and disastrous practices, like large scale removals, are in full swing and we are actively engaged. Issues of animal welfare continue as public concern for horses in holding in the summer heat intensifies (court rulings gained a humane policy at roundups and we are still waiting for a national policy for facilities). We are watching several herds, specifically, because animal welfare and safety concerns increase. We are actively moving forward with our work under an agreement with BLM to increase the “toolbox” for several herds in Nevada and are working to increase the number of herds in that “effort.” We are BUSY.

An area in West Central Nevada where wild horses are congregating in an area they usually do not. The area has limited water that will fast dry up and many allotment fences that may be closed (intentionally or by tourists that do not know they are only to be closed when cows are out. We really think signs need to go up saying the dates fences need to close or stay open. However any sign on public land simply becomes a target for idiots with guns and become unreadable as they get riddled with bullet holes fast). We need support to keep going back.

We are working in multiple areas to keep wild horses free on the range. We are not just talking about a need to work on it. Just like our fight to gain a humane handling policy we did not just show you pictures and scream, we fought and changed things. We are doing the same now. There are several areas where plans are now going into effect and the effort expanding into other HMAs. We need support to reach success for the plans in effect and to broaden the effort. If we fail YOU will see broad scale removals again and we can just go back to the old loop of roundup photos and complaining. We need to break the cycle once and for all… one HMA at a time with real boots on the ground.

We are helping other organizations to be more effective and trouble shoot multiple projects from legal efforts to on the ground actions. Any movement is only as strong as the weakest link. We wish advocacy was supportive of each other and not so competitive, because the horses always lose that competition.

YES, this fight is complex and often difficult to understand. We always BEG you to use your best judgement before taking any action. Sit back and look at the source of information. If it comes from a desk far removed from the horses the action is likely the same, far removed. If you are confused? Ask questions and research.

Progress IS possible, but only if progress is the goal. 

Until next time, onward.

Wild Horse Education.


We can not travel the range, write reports and engage if we do not have the resources to travel safe. If you want to support our effort click here.