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Conger/Frisco Begins

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Today the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) operation at the Conger/Frisco Herd Management Areas (HMAs) in Utah began.  250 wi;d horses will be removed with about 100 released fitted with tracking devices to gather information on the herd.

You can read on the BLM website here: http://www.blm.gov/ut/st/en/prog/wild_horse_and_burro/conger-frisco_gather.html

July 1

101 wild horses were captured. A load has already shipped to the Delta facility in Utah for sorting. Some will go back to the range and others will be made available for adoption at the facility post operations.

1 death. A 2 year old ran into a panel as he was captured. The panel formed a right angle that was immediately changed with no further incident.

The horses coming off the range are stunning. Beautiful color and healthy.

An old mare and her foal at temporary holding caught our eye. The old mare is very attentive and calm.

Fast slideshow. Long day and bad connection. Will upload video and full article soon.

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The mare in the middle broke her neck today. Photo copyright WildHorseEducation.org, Laura Leigh (Internet bad and full report soon)

Conger Day 2

41 captured in the second day of operations.

Another mare broke her neck on the panels. They were run in fast and the panel had squared up again.

A second load came in immediately without moving the dead horse from the capture pen.

A discussion with Gus Warr, Utah state lead for the wild horse and burro program following the incident, Gus stated he will make recommendations for amendments to CAWP. The recommendations will include that it is added that capture operations cease, not only when an injured animal is in the way, but one deceased.

More about the death of the paint mare (Rhiannon).

Conger_07022016_D2 - 1

This little paint filly was orphaned today

Day 3

43 horses captured. Colt euthanized when injured at trap pen.

Total captured 185 for three days.

Main Website click HERE

Day 4

39 removed. 1 death, a broken neck, at holding. Dun mare.

Total 224 in 4 days.



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