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Pancake Update (Squeeze)

This amazing stallion we call Cutlass had to fight barbed wire to get his band a drink. When they broke through the gap a group of bachelors scattered his mares. In less than a day, this stallion had all of his mares back (and 2 additional mares). That is one story of this spectacular Pancake stallion.

Earlier in this roundup he escaped capture. This is the same “muddy zone” the young colt snapped a leg at the start of the roundup. The chases remain at high speed with heavily pregnant mares.

BLM has returned to strike at the heart of Pancake to squeeze out as many as they possibly can from this area. Even BLM states there are only about 125-150 left in the best habitat of the entire complex. But BLM will be back tomorrow.

Cutlass lives in the heart of the herd, an area that could support much more than the number BLM says it can. This complex spans 1.2 million acres and over 40 miles north to south. The grazing allotments (miles and miles of fences) segment habitat that is incredibly varied. The heart of this herd butts up against a very popular hunting destination that still teems with life; but under grazing and mining pressure may also cease to exist, just like this herd.

Next month the sheep come out and the cows not far behind. The new (Canadian) gold mine is breaking ground and another mine is set to be approved just outside the western edge of the heart of the complex.

Cutlass escaped again yesterday with his little red mare and the blacks. But BLM is back out at that trap again today trying to get every wild horse out of the way of profit driven expansion.

If captured, his band will go into the off-limits holding facility Broken Arrow on Indian Lakes Rd. in Fallon NV. All of the wild horses from the core herd went into off-limits holding. The first groups into Sutherland in Utah, the last into Broken Arrow.

Feb 10: BLM captured 56 (13 Stallions, 27 Mares, and 16 Foals) wild horses this day and another lost his life. A 3 year old bay stud was killed because BLM said he was “blind/missing an eye.”

Feb 11: 25 (7 Stallions, 12 Mares, and 6 Foals) wild horses captured.

Cumulative totals as of Feb. 11:

Captured: 1,980 Wild Horses (822 Stallions, 919 Mares, and 239 Foals)

Shipped: 1,871 Wild Horses (782 Stallions, 857 Mares, and 232 Foals)

Released: 18 Wild Horses (3 Stallions, 15 Mares, and 0 Foals) . BLM has confirmed that they are only releasing older mares that may have been treated with PZP-22 ten years ago. BLM is not releasing to preserve herd characteristics or improve herd health.

Deaths: 24

7 year old Bay Mare put down BLM said due to chronic pre-existing condition (Break); Bay Foal was died due to acute injury (Break); 3 year old Bay Stallion died unexpectedly due to pre-existing condition; 3 year old Bay Mare was “euthanized in accordance with IM 2021-007 due to acute condition (Undiagnosed)” and BLM is claiming this is not roundup related (even though both could have been a heart attack); 3 year old Bay Mare was “euthanized due to pre-existing condition (Congenital Sway back);” 20+ year old Bay Mare was “euthanized due to pre-existing condition (Body Condition unable to maintain or improve);” 8 year old Bay Stallion “due to pre-existing condition (Break);” 4 year old Bay Mare “due to pre-existing condition (Blind);” 20+ year old Black Mare was “due to pre-existing condition (Body Condition unable to maintain or improve);” 6 year old Bay Mare was euthanized “in accordance with IM 2021-007 due to pre-existing condition (Blind missing an eye);” 20 year old bay stallion BLM said had a previously broken leg; 11 year old Sorrel Mare was “due to pre-existing condition (Blind missing eye);” 6 year old Roan Stallion “due to pre-existing condition (Blind missing eye);” 20+ year old Sorrel Stallion BLM claimed was killed due to “pre-existing condition (Physical defect – congenital/lax flexor tendons in both front legs).” (In other words: they blew the old horses tendons by running him.) An 18 year old stallion broke his neck; A 20 year old Sorrel Stallion  they said was “chronically mane;” a 20 year old bay mare BLM said had severe tooth loss, an 11 year old bay they said was “blind” as she was missing an eye; 12 year old Roan Mare that BLM said had Kyphosis of spine (curvature of the spine measuring 50 degrees or greater on an X-ray) and an 11 year old Bay Stallion BLM said was  “Blind/missing eye;” 20+ year old Roan Mare was killed due to “body condition;” a 20+ year old Bay Mare “due to pre-existing condition (Body condition/Unable to maintain or improve);” a 6 year old Bay Mare BLM said had “pre-existing condition (Blind/missing eye);” A 3 year old bay stud was killed because BLM said he was “blind/missing an eye.”

Our ongoing team report from the roundup will continue HERE.

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