Pancake Roundup Begins

Video above NOT graphic. That warning is for the video below. We are moving very fast and did not remove that lead before uploading. We are re-editing.

The massive roundup of wild horses in the Pancake HMA begins with 157 (61 Stallions, 67 Mares, and 29 Foals) captured and 2 deaths. There were several runs (we are editing and matching to photos taken of some of them over the years).  BLM classified the deaths: “7 year old Bay Mare was euthanized in accordance with IM 2021-007 due to chronic pre-existing condition (Break); Bay Foal was euthanized in accordance with IM 2021-007 due to acute injury (Break).”

Note: the lawsuit Wild Horse Education began in June of 2021 against the “Gather EA” has been jumped into federal district court. Learn more HERE.

This roundup targets 2060 wild horses. The BLM plans to release 30. BLM has not answered (repeated) questions on what they are “treating” wild horses with. The decision approves a laundry list of fertility control from gelding to multiple vaccines. (Please remember, temporary fertility control is primarily used as a part of a roundup. Be careful what you ask for: A substance is not a method of application.)

BLM says: “During the gather, the BLM will collect information on herd characteristics and determine herd health.”

The factors of “herd characteristics and herd health” should be known by the agency prior to any action; in fact, prior to even writing a “gather plan.” Objectives for management of a herd are actually what is supposed to trigger a roundup, not just as number. (This fact was not only argued by us, but BLM agreed, in the Owyhee litigation back in 2012/13. Since then, BLM has become steadfast in the numbers game that the “Path Forward” alliance has given insulation to.)

BLM is not mandated to remove, they are mandated to manage. A (usually an extremely outdated) number alone is not the legal definition of “excess horses.”   (When dealing with the media or Congress, this is a point you should always make.)

This removal of wild horses is fueled by the fact that the agency never crafted a management plan and gave away habitat that is forcing deer, badger, eagles, sage grouse, etc. out of the area due to the extreme disturbance.

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Those of you that follow WHE will recognize many of the individuals captured. We did not get a good look at any of these horses at temporary holding and do not have a good viewing of any processing.

Many of the wild horses captured are going to off-limits-to-the-public holding facilities. The agency continues to insist to the courts that this type of action causes absolutely no harm to the individuals that know these wild horses from the range. (more from the legal front HERE)


In the video above 3 colts (born earlier this year) lag behind. The chopper pushes the 3 younger horses. The black begins to limp, the chopper continues to push. Even after the leg (obviously) snaps, the chopper still places pressure on the (frightened) colt.(To say wild horses are not frightened by a helicopter is to entirely deny the reason  they are used to move wild horses in the first place. If it did not disturb, frighten or scare the horses, they would not run.)

Our team is very close to these wild horses and place the population level at about 2000 in this complex. There is exchange with other nearby areas that have already been hit hard in the BLM 2020 plan (Path Forward). We have watched in the past gates closed as wild horses search for forage, water and to get away from the increasing disturbance of mining and mining exploration.

Our team is not only deeply disturbed that BLM is hitting this complex (known for an early foaling season, January) in January and February, but we are deeply concerned that BLM has absolutely failed to do anything to protect the land, the wild horses and (BLM) knows very little about these herds. Our team is both in the field and working hard to push our legal action up through the court system. BLM announced the start of this operation late last Thursday, leaving very little time to coordinate. (more HERE)

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We have only processed a portion of the documentation from yesterday. There were 157 wild horses captured. We are reviewing footage carefully.

More from our team soon.

EDIT: People are asking us for contact info for BLM NV.

We promise: no matter how hard this is, or how much it hurts, we won’t give up the fight for real reform. 

We will be adding a webinar on the CAWP policy to our line-up shortly as well as further video updates.

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