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Video Update

Fast video update from WHE founder Laura Leigh recorded at 11 a.m. Pacific Time (unedited). Video is published here as it is too long to publish separately on multiple social media platforms.

The webinars Leigh references can be found HERE.

When Leigh talks about the “2020 Plan” and our last herds, she is referencing the herds that have not already been hit by the “Path Forward” and have a land base that could still sustain large populations. She goes into more detail HERE in “2022: The State of WildHorses/Burros.” 

Many of these herds are in areas we have tried for years to gain dialogue with field offices to obtain management planning. It has become an exercise in frustration under the pay-to-play of that “Path Forward” set up back in 2016; the exclusivity of the groups involved (and the sub-groups grabbing agreements) has created a layer of insulation.

Many of you are emailing your “displeasure” at what the BLM is doing to wild horses and burros to the inbox at WHE. Several of you are asking questions about adoption, slaughter, the 2020 plan, etc. We hope you know that we see your emails and are simply swamped with addressing immediate concerns. You can always find the BLM office that you are looking for HERE. 

We will update on the roundups and more as soon as we have new information.

We are very busy juggling as much as we can.

Thank you.

More on this (immediate) issue: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2022/01/06/update-new-schedule-new-legal-briefs-filed/

Some pictures of the individuals at Pancake.

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