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Bill to Ban Helicopters to Capture Wild Horses

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Representative Dina Titus (D-NV) introduced a bill (text here) to ban the use of helicopters to capture wild horses and burros. We urge all of you to read the text of the actual language of the bill. 

You can contact your House Representative to co-sponsor the bill HERE. 

UPDATE: The bill number has bee assigned: HR 6635

Citing the events documented at the ongoing Pancake Complex roundup in NV, where a young colt was stampeded by helicopter and lagged back from her family, snapping a front leg, Congresswoman Titus introduced her amendment today.

Bill (text here) to ban the use of helicopters to capture wild horses and burros.

The public is limited to simply commenting about inhumane conduct and concerns at “Motorized Vehicle Hearings” each year that BLM considers “purely administrative.” In other words, they stamp your comment and shove it in a drawer. (more info HERE)

BLM has done no review of the Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy (CAWP) since it was adopted in late 2015.

“Trying to address basic issues of inhumane conduct is an intense exercise in frustration. BLM ignores the public at every turn.” said Laura Leigh, WHE President. “Perhaps this proposed amendment will demonstrate just how fed up the public is with an agency that remains stuck in the status quo, ignores the public and basic decency. We hope the agency can hear the ‘wake-up’ call.”


Our founder met with the staff of Dina Titus as the Pancake roundup began. She accompanied a grassroots citizen action team as an educational resource to provide information on agency policy and the deep reforms needed. Unfortunately, the deeper reforms (the lack of actual management planning, HMAP) did not make the bill.

Our lawsuit that addresses inhumane conduct that occurs due to a lack of planning, issues of transparency and the need for deep reform to the program continues. You can learn more about the ongoing litigation HERE. 

Our teams are working very hard and as fast as possible. We know news is breaking in the public on the amendments and we wanted to update you as fast as possible.

More coming soon from our in-field observers and from our team member on the backside soon.

Our ongoing team report from the roundup will continue HERE.

More about the lawsuit for the Pancake Complex HERE. 

We are continuing to follow-up on the packet addressing reform WHE sent to Haaland and Stone-Manning

Help keep us in the fight. 

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