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Pancake Update (in a nutshell)

As the ongoing roundup of the 1.2 million acre Pancake Complex continues to decimate one of the last large herds in this country, a few videos from yesterday sum up the operation.

Observers placed far away as BLM removes wild horses and cows take over the ranges. This is an area BLM hit early in the roundup and has gone back to squeeze out more wild horses.

As foaling season hits this range, BLM continues to run babies and heavily pregnant mares. Running mares in late term increases risk of abortion and birthing complications. In addition, many new foals hide instead of running. Were any left out there? (If BLM had done an HMAP things like foaling season would have been determined by site, not simply “when BLM can get a contractor to do a roundup.” One of the points of ongoing litigation.)

Yesterday, one of the last wild horse bands we know very well were removed from the range. As BLM revisits traps from the beginning of the operation, when horses were shipped into off-limits to viewing facilities, BLM returns to those same traps to squeeze out the last of the wild horses and, once again, ship into off-limits to public viewing facilities.

You can hear our observer trying hard to focus on wild horses while being on high power zoom (over 2000 mm). If you have ever used a high power zoom even your breathing can move your lens off your subject. It is not easy work.

The mare with her very young foal now joins the ranks of those that will be sent into the blackhole of holding. BLM claimed this ( days or weeks old). baby was 3-4 months old and that the mare is in “body score 2.5.” The paperwork will, once again, not reflect reality and  be used to support the ten-year gather plan BLM is masquerading for management.

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Feb 12: BLM captured 49 wild horses (17 Stallions, 25 Mares, and 7 Foals). This brings the total captured to 2029.

There have been 24 deaths. BLM targeted 2030 for permanent removal, 2060 for capture. BLM on-site stated that they had 2 more areas they wanted to hit and implied that the deaths were not counted as “removed.”

Our team will continue to update. Today should be the last day of the first capture under the ten-year removal plan. 

On the last day, 02-13-22, 25 (14 Stallions, 10 Mares, and 1 Foal) wild horses were captured. BLM killed 2 more: An 8 year old Sorrel Stallion broke his neck; 20+ year old Bay Stallion was killed BLM said he had a “pre-existing” fracture to rear leg.

After questioning, BLM decided not to increase the number removed and the operation has ended.

A “Gather EA” is not an “HMAP-EA.” Removal is not management. BLM has skirted management planning for 50 years as our herds continue to disappear for private profit lines of livestock and mining, facilitated through the agency tasked to preserve and protect our wild herds. 

More about the lawsuit for the Pancake Complex HERE. 

Our ongoing team report from the roundup will continue HERE.

We are continuing to follow-up on the packet addressing reform WHE sent to Haaland and Stone-Manning

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Total captured:

2,054 Wild Horses (853 Stallions, 954 Mares, and 247 Foals)

18 mares released treated with PZP, 6 studs released.

Deaths: 26

7 year old Bay Mare put down BLM said due to chronic pre-existing condition (Break); Bay Foal was killed due to acute injury (Break); 3 year old Bay Stallion died unexpectedly due to pre-existing condition; 3 year old Bay Mare was “euthanized in accordance with IM 2021-007 due to acute condition (Undiagnosed)” and BLM is claiming this is not roundup related (even though both could have been a heart attack); 3 year old Bay Mare was “euthanized due to pre-existing condition (Congenital Sway back);” 20+ year old Bay Mare was “euthanized due to pre-existing condition (Body Condition unable to maintain or improve);” 8 year old Bay Stallion “due to pre-existing condition (Break);” 4 year old Bay Mare “due to pre-existing condition (Blind);” 20+ year old Black Mare was “due to pre-existing condition (Body Condition unable to maintain or improve);” 6 year old Bay Mare was euthanized “in accordance with IM 2021-007 due to pre-existing condition (Blind missing an eye);” 20 year old bay stallion BLM said had a previously broken leg; 11 year old Sorrel Mare was “due to pre-existing condition (Blind missing eye);” 6 year old Roan Stallion “due to pre-existing condition (Blind missing eye);” 20+ year old Sorrel Stallion BLM claimed was killed due to “pre-existing condition (Physical defect – congenital/lax flexor tendons in both front legs).” (In other words: they blew the old horses tendons by running him.) An 18 year old stallion broke his neck; A 20 year old Sorrel Stallion  they said was “chronically mane;” a 20 year old bay mare BLM said had severe tooth loss, an 11 year old bay they said was “blind” as she was missing an eye; 12 year old Roan Mare that BLM said had Kyphosis of spine (curvature of the spine measuring 50 degrees or greater on an X-ray) and an 11 year old Bay Stallion BLM said was  “Blind/missing eye;” 20+ year old Roan Mare was killed due to “body condition;” a 20+ year old Bay Mare “due to pre-existing condition (Body condition/Unable to maintain or improve);” a 6 year old Bay Mare BLM said had “pre-existing condition (Blind/missing eye);” A 3 year old bay stud was killed because BLM said he was “blind/missing an eye;” 8 year old Sorrel Stallion broke his neck; 20+ year old Bay Stallion was killed BLM said he had a “pre-existing” fracture to rear leg.

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