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National Day (Week) of the Horse!

Today is National Day of the Horse. In 2004, Congress designated Dec. 13th as National Day of the Horse to honor the contributions horses have made to our country’s history, economy and national character.

Most Americans love and respect both domestic and wild horses. Horses hold a special place in our history and our hearts.

Wild horses are an inspiration to the spirit, a reminder of our past and a gateway to our wild places. We celebrate the horse; beauty, spirit and grace.

2021 has led us into an incredible week for celebrating the horse!  December 15th is the Anniversary of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act!  There are new technologies and discoveries in the area of horses as native species.  We are excited to offer 2 free one-of-a-kind special events to tell you all about these things!  Registration is required.  Events will be recorded and may be published at a later date. (Learn more at the bottom of the page)

The moving images and videos of roundups of wild horses across the American West we have offered to you for over a decade ignite different emotions for our audience.  We feel the stirring video here at the most recent roundup in Northern Nevada is worth a thousand words.  It displays the awe-inspiring attributes of wild horses mixed with the reality of what they are up against, how determined they are to be wild, and in spite of man’s interference, here is a moment where all can savor the horse in all of its glory.

Video from Fox Lake and Range and a wild one that refused to surrender to the chopper, “Not today.”


At WHE we continue to honor our wild ones through the dedicated work of our team members. You can see some of our work in 2021 HERE. .

You can help us continue our innovative work.

This week we offer 2 free events! The events are free, but registration is required. The events will be recorded and may be published at a later date.

There are still a handful of slots open for Wednesday night’s celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the 1971 Act.

You can register HERE.

You can join us for on Thursday December 16th to chat about the new DNA research that has already bumped the timeline of the horse on the N. American Continent by nearly 8000 years. What could this new research discover in the future?

You can register HERE

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