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End of Year Events

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The end of the year is rapidly approaching and WHE has a rapidly changing  event calendar.

Our 50th Anniversary event.  Join us for a casual evening as we personally walk you through time, through the floors of our online museum and honor the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act turning 50 years old on December 15th.  We will look back, peek ahead, and together build on past milestones and renew and reinvigorate our commitment to continue the journey to protect our wild ones.  

“Sold out” A few more slots have been added.  Free virtual event this Wednesday the December 15th at 5 pm pacific, 8 pm eastern.

The event for the Anniversary of the Act has ended. 

Wild horses native species event.  Join us as we chat with scientists Tyler Murchie and Ross MacPhee about the new technology, discoveries and recent findings that are meaningful and incremental on the subject of wild horses as native species.  Spots are going fast.

You can register HERE for this Thursday at 5:30 eastern, 8:30 pacific. 

“If this is what the livestock industry and the state see as habitat preservation we can kiss the sage grouse good bye along with any remote pretense of management,” concluded Katie Fite.
(photo WildLands Defense)

On December 28th we will be hosting a “What Lies Ahead in 2022” joint fundraising event for the work of Wild Horse Education and WildLands Defense to protect and preserve habitat for our wild things.

The event link and more info will be published shortly.

We will also host an event (as soon as we can pick a date that works for all participants) to do a “year in review” of roundups and the fight for the Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy, CAWP.

Some events are presented free and some events are fundraisers for the expenses of the orgs involved in hosting the events and for the work they do.

We are glad you like the format and in 2022 we will be adding “classroom settings” by request to explain processes and how understand and engage them.

Words really matter. In a previous event, part of our discussion with author Christopher Ketcham was about exactly that. You can skip to timecode 2:40 to hear about the way people use the words “conversation vs preservation” and how that has become a form of “greenwashing.” (We pre-recorded a segment for an earlier event. This is the pre-recorded segment.)

Thank you for helping us to continue our innovative work, creating groundbreaking precedent and never give up the fight to preserve the wild.

Your contributions help us in the field, table and in the courts. They also help us to continue to bring you up-to-date information and keep costs low, or free, for events such as these.


You can help us continue our innovative work.

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