Countdown to 2022: End-of-Year fundraiser

 Critical end-of-year fundraising is needed to keep our work running into 2022 for our wild ones. 

You can help us continue our innovative work and double your impact today. WHE has been offered a match, up to $5,000. through New Years Day. 


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Some of our legal actions filed, and still active, in 2021:

  • Defending wild horses from experimental spaying in Utah.  Update:  After the litigation was filed, BLM eliminated the spay proposal.  WHE did not drop our case.  We stand alone in our fight for gaining equitable on-range management planning and to put a stop to shoddy processes that lead to experimental spaying in the first place.
  • Defending wild horses against more removals, as BLM makes deals with livestock permittees for more fencing and livestock in the Desatoya HMA. 40 year old management plans do not present a valid baseline for removing more wild horses.
  • Protecting Pancake complex from mass removals and a mishmash of fertility control, including sterilization. BLM stands ready to decimate this herd as livestock and mining are given a pass to monopolize the HMA.
  • Defending wild horses in the Silver King/Eagle/Choke Cherry complex from massive livestock grazing scheme.  We partnered with WildLands Defense.
  • Opposing livestock grazing in the Argenta allotments.  This grazing deal is indicative of the length and breadth of actions BLM will take to satisfy heavy political pressure from the livestock industry. We partnered with WildLands Defense.
  • BLM plans an off-limits facility in Nevada that would prohibit public access and house 4000 wild horses on 100 acres. This facility is set to be an environmental disaster, a mud pit hidden from public view. We are fighting to stop this facility from ever taking in one wild horse or burro.

Our litigation drove the creation of the first-ever humane handling policy, while we won every case. WHE continues to enforce the importance of oversight and accountability for humane handling and abuse of wild horses at roundups, on the range, and off the range as well.

We are working to gain reviews, revisions and enforcement of the Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy (CAWP) that our wild ones need to stop abuse.  In 2021, the agency finally hired a “national agency CAWP lead.”

Our team is prepared to take this issue, once again, back into a courtroom.  WHE is the only organization to ever take BLM to court over abuse, and WHE is committed to fulfilling the original purpose and update the humane handling policy.

WHE has initiated a review of CAWP. We will have more for you in the beginning of 2022. 

Our teams sent solution-oriented packets to agency leadership and are in the process of scheduling meetings. These packets contain the information needed to truly begin to create long-term reform of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program.

The system of public lands is not only the physical landscape, but is a series of interlocking management plans, which is a gaping void for wild horses and burros. Fertility control is a tool. Increasing fertility control is not reform; it only increases the use of a tool acceptable to profit-driven industries. Our wild horses deserve better.

WHE is an organization devoted to protecting and preserving our wild horses and the land they stand on.

You can help us continue our innovative work into 2022. 

You can help us continue our innovative work and double your impact today. WHE has been offered a match, up to $5,000. through New Years Day.  

You can contribute to the match through whatever option you choose! Donate through this page, a mailer, a social media fundraiser, through the mail, or even through a text message! 

Our mailing address is:

Wild Horse Education, 216  Lemmon Dr. #316, Reno, NV 89506

You can now make a contribution to WHE through your cell phone. Text to 707070 the countdown message: 54321WILD You will receive a link via text to chose your contribution amount and confirm.

You can also support WHE when you shop! Our WHEStorefront on Zazzle added a new collection, including a calendar, in time for the holidays. You can see the new collection HERE.  

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