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Confusion HMA Roundup

Day 1, Confusion Roundup

BLM began the roundup at the Confusion HMA on November 29. BLM plans to capture 500 wild horses and spay (ovariectomy via colpotomy) about 20 mares.

Wild Horse Education has filed legal action against the operation. Our litigation is still active. (more here)

The HMA is comprised of approximately 235,005 acres of public and other lands.BLM says the Appropriate Management Level (AML) for this HMA is 70-115. The Confusion HMA exists in proximity with the Swasey and Conger HMAs. Wild horses can mingle and may be considered “off HMA” when they are using seasonal migration routes BLM has not considered in any planning documents.

Captured wild horses will be taken to the Axtell facility in Utah.

Our observer is onsite. We will update you daily on the roundup and on legal action as news comes in.

Most recent updates will appear at the top, under the cumulative totals.

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Cumulative to date (day 5):

Wild Horses captured: 208

Deaths: 3; foal with a severely lacerated (probably broken) leg, mare put down in field, mare with broken neck.

Shipped: 160 shipped to Axtel, 1 to Delta

Day 3, December 1: Our observer is just reporting in.

First Day at new trap. Observation was better. Day began at about 30 degrees, but windy.

Report just coming in. We will update after all edits are complete.

We are having difficulty loading more onto this page. Please see individual links for each days report.

Day 5:  https://wildhorseeducation.org/2020/12/04/confusion-roundup-day-5/

Day 4: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2020/12/03/confusion-day-4-warning-disturbing-content/

We are having difficulties getting more to load on this page from day 3. You can see more HERE.

Day 2: 11 wild horses were captured (1 stallion, 7 mares, 2 foals). One foal dies: severely injured leg.

Our observer was the only one at trap, joined later at holding. The day was long and observation was still over a mile away. Trap moves tomorrow.

You can see more from day 2 HERE. 

Day 1, November 29: Our observer reported that observation is well over a mile from trap. The morning stated at about 20 degrees. The first run came in just after 10 a.m.

About 55 wild horses were captured (we are checking footage and will update number after we confirm). The trap was set NW of the HMA in the area known as partoon. This area is considered off HMA. At least 2 foals and one adult were roped.

We are receiving video (and more photos) and will add as soon as the edit is complete.


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