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Confusion Day 2, a colt died

On day 2 of the Confusion roundup of wild horses 11 were captured (1 stallions, 7 mares, 2 foals), one of the foal died.  

The colt had severe laceration and probable fracture to the left hind leg.

We were the only observer at trap. Another came later and went to the temporary holding corrals.

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BLM plans to select 20 mares from this roundup and perform dangerous and experimental spaying.

WHE is the only organization to file legal action to date against this plan.

On day 1 BLM captured 56 (15 stallions, 26 mares, 15 foals). The total now stands at 67 (16 stallions, 33 mares, 17 foals). One death.

Wild Horse Education is the only organization in history to litigate abuse at roundups. We need your help to stay in the fight. 


Help us stay in the fight. 

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