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Confusion, Day 3 (Roundup Update)

We are having trouble loading all the images into the ongoing roundup update page HERE.  The areas we travel in can be remote. It can present challenges, particularly when more than one team is in field. You can access previous day at the italicized text above.

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On day 3:  47 (10 stallions, 26 mares, 11 foals) were captured.

Totals to date: 114 (26 stallions, 59 mares, 11 foals). 81 have shipped to off range holding (80 to Axtell, 1 to Delta). 1 death, foal with sever laceration (likely broken) leg.

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The escape featured in the slideshows is enlarged as close as we can get you. Many people think we are close to traps, we are not. Our teams shoot with long lenses and then we enlarge photos. It is time consuming, but the only way we can show you what happens.

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Capture started a  bit later, so the temp was about 30 degrees. Yes, the consistent wind made it feel much colder.

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If you look at the images you can see a t-post in the first set fall into the wings and the Judas react and then moe beyond it. A couple of wild horses follow him in, the vast majority making a dramatic escape.

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The trap is set so that wild horses are run directly into the temporary holding facility. Temporary holding are the corral where wild horses are sorted to be sent to an off range corral. It  is unusual for a trap to be set this way.

The escaping wild horses run beyond the corrals and the helicopter pursues.

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Our observer is back onsite today. We have more images and video we are editing and will update from onsite soon.

Video of another escape on Day 3.

Our legal action against the spay plan is still active. For over a month we have been filing briefs back and forth (a legal action is not one document) and will update you on that action, and our other projects, when we have news.


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What you can do

Please take action to demand Congress defund any roundups where the BLM has failed to create open and transparent management planning.  Click HERE.

Call the Senate switchboard and ask for your rep. Demand that all actions against wild horses and burros halt until William Perry Pendley leaves the BLM. His tenure was ruled illegal and BLM is still moving an agenda forward for Pendley’s former law clients.  Switchboard (202) 224-3121


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