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Book and Movie Library (spend time with the wild ones)

We offer the following list of books and movies to help you in your advocacy, and some to simply help you to get your mind off the stress of this moment in time. Many of our readers are in voluntary social distancing, working or doing classes from home. There are so any wonderful books and movies, fiction and non-fiction, (and articles in our archives) for you experience a “mustang moment” and include our amazing equines in your social circle. 

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A favorite of many mustang lovers is Hidalgo. Hidalgo (2004)  is a film loosely based on the legend of American distance rider Frank Hopkins and his mustang Hidalgo.  You can find a trailer for the film HERE.

Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron is an animated feature film from 2002. The story is about a stallion that is captured and never gives up his quest to be free and return home (trailer HERE)

The soundtrack from the movie (HERE) is a real gift for any wild horse lover and songs include lyrics worth singing along to. One of our favorites at WHE is Brothers Under the Sun.

War Horse (2011) may bot be a film specifically mentioning wild horses, but it is a movie that revolves around a human conflict where more than 500 wild horses were captured from the American West and shipped overseas every one and a half days. (More on our American war horses and the wild horse in our archives HERE.) The movie War Horse is an amazing film (trailer HERE).

A fast Google search for “Horse movies” brings up a long list (HERE)

A search for “wild horse documentaries” includes many controversial films that can both fascinate and infuriate, depending on the funding behind the film (HERE)


Books for younger readers (if you have kids that are home due to school closure)

Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West is a book written by Marguerite Henry about Velma Bronn Johnston, “Wild Horse Annie.” This book has inspired many budding wild horse advocates since it was written in 1966. Marguerite Henry wrote many books that form a library for young horse lovers. (HERE)

On our WHE Kids site there is an activity book for young children. https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/12/23/a-gift-from-whekids-wild-horse-activity-book/


Books for adults

Wild Horse Annie: Velma Johnston and her fight to save the mustang, by Alan Kania, is a “must read” biography for the adult wild horse lover. Kania was a volunteer of Velma’s and his account of her life is riveting, revealing and marks a moment in time that defined advocacy today. (HERE) 

This Land: How Cowboys, Capitalism and Corruption are Ruining the American West, by Christopher Ketcham (July 2019). This book has received national praise as a hard hitting look at public lands in the American West. Some of our work at WHE is included in the book and represents wild horses. This book is a must read for anyone that cares about our public lands and wants to understand and appreciated the massive corruption and cruelty at play. (HERE)


WHE Magazine

Due to the number of our readers that are taking measures to avoid crowds, are in self-isolation or home with children whose classes have been suspended, WHE has made public several of our past additions of WHE Magazine. 

Embedded on this page is our 2019 in review. You will need to enable Flash to flip the pages and read. Below this edition we include links to other issues. (or you can click here to read in another window)


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We are working on our spring/summer 2020 issue that will include a fast advocate resource guide to help you address legislators and use your voice in public lands decision making that effects our wild ones. 

ACTION (when you have the time)

For a fast action item you can take today? read the basics” in part one (HERE) and part two (HERE).

Part two contains a fast action item you can take today to help derail the additional $21 million dollars pending release to accelerate roundups and more this fall! (click HERE)

If you are looking for a specific subject to brush up on (FOIA, NEPA, roundups)? You can use the search bar. Type in your topic and hit search. We have, literally, thousands of articles within this website.

Stay sane, safe and take precautions to protect yourself, the ones you love and your community. Together our advocacy for our wild ones continues.




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