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Inspiration in Hard Times: Mustang Soul

There are times when we all need to band together to take action to protect the ones we love. As advocates for wild horses that concept is deeply ingrained in all of our readers.

The current global health crisis has driven home the interconnected nature of all of us, and to the entire planet. The need to “act locally, think globally” is a motto all of us that work through their daily routine to improve the planet through recycling, repurposing,  protecting, etc. live with each day. Washing hands after contact, staying home if you are sick, running errands for others in the community that are in high risk groups, are all actions we can take to “act locally, think globally” as we work together to address this threat.

At WHE we are continuing our advocacy for the wild ones. Critical comment periods, legislative actions, litigation preparation, field monitoring, have not come to a halt. Advocacy moves forward.

Yet, we want to take a moment to recognize our readers and the stress of this moment in time. All of you are committed to your beloved wild ones; protecting them from harm lies in your soul. Protecting your community and human loved ones, through your actions, weighs on your hearts.

We are in this fight together and will weather the storm, the best we can, for all of our loved ones.


A bit of “the power of music” and the inspiration our wild horses instill in us as the resilient survivor they embody.

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Songwriter Jennifer Johnson wrote a beautiful song titled “Mustang Soul.”

“Mustang Soul – I wrote this song after seeing for the first time video of the US government ‘Bureau of Land Management’ chasing wild horses with helicopters ’rounding them up’.   I had only recently discovered that we have wild horses in the United States. I wonder how we have become so out of touch with the soul of this country, as our government captures these wild horses and holds captive the very symbol of American freedom.”~ Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer is offering a free download of the song on her website. Please contact her before using the song for any purpose other than your personal listening experience.http://www.jajohnsonmusic.com/wildhorses.cfm

Video edited in 2012…

Lyrics can be found here: https://jajohnsonmusic.com/mustang-soul


From all of us at WHE: 

Just as we address advocacy for our wild ones: Keep sane, take precautions and we are all in this together. 

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