Wild Horse Movies Streaming, Free

There are so many amazing books and movies for horses lovers; wild and domestic.

When you take some time to relax we have a few suggestions for the tired “equine warrior.” This year the fight for our wild ones and wild places has been intense.

The global health crisis of COVID-19 has many  of you hunkering down at home to keep yourself, family and community safe.

Several filmmakers are releasing pieces free to stream online. We have been notified that there will be more short films released over the next few weeks to inspire, entertain and keep you connected to the wild horse from your homes.

We have listed just a few of the free films below. We will expand this list soon.

If you are shopping online at Amazon did you know you can donate a portion of each sale to Wild Horse Education? Just select us as your charity of choice and help us stay in this fight in these chaotic times. (click here)



Early film poster for “Wild Horses”

A short film, “Wild Horses.”

In 2014 Film Director Stephanie Martin made the “top ten” directors to watch list after releasing her short film “Wild Horses.” The short won numerous awards.

Stephanie has released the film streaming free online. You can watch the 20 minute short film featuring Mirelle Enos, Brook Shields and Barbara Tarbuck HERE. 


photo of LLeigh taken at the Owyhee roundup in 2012 by Stephanie. WHE stopped the roundup and then won another victory against abuse. Click image to learn more.

To read more about the background of the movie and how Stephanie, directing her first film, came to a roundup and became a declarant in litigation with Wild Horse Education, not once but twice, click here: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2017/04/14/wild-horses-short-film/


Unbroken Spirit follows photographer Dirk Johnson in his personal journey from pain to purpose.

You can watch the documentary short HERE. 

From the filmmaker, Ken Fall:

This is not a white paper documentary on horse policy. It is not about land use. It is not about grazing rights.
This is about people and horses. It is about connecting. It is about finding purpose.


Click image to watch free on Vimeo.

The Fate of the Wild

From film maker Andrew Ellis:

While making a documentary about inmates that work with wild horses, I e-mailed Laura Leigh, a wild horse expert, asking for advice on how to film a helicopter roundup. She said if I wanted to film a roundup this year, I’d better come to Nevada in two days because that’s the last chance I’ll have. I was on a plane the next day, but I didn’t expect that Laura’s personal story would captivate me so deeply.

The film was featured in the New Yorker and shown at Mountainfilm (one word, not to be confused with the two word version that is not the festival). 

You can view the documentary short free HERE.

Martin Clunes, Horsepower

Made in 2010, this “trip around the world of horses,” is a beautifully filmed documentary that you can watch in 5 parts free on YouTube. 

America’s Hated Horses

What do we look like to the rest of the world today? The piece above was shot and shown overseas in 2019. You can read more about the documentary short HERE. 


One of our “Wild Horses 101” presentations modified for a political audience. WHE dies “101” webinars andmosifies them when speaking to classrooms and boardrooms.


Our advocacy for wild horses on public lands is in full gear during the global health crisis. You can join us in an effort to stem the avalanche of proposed projects that will have immense impact on our wild ones HERE. 

We are all in this together and will continue to face the challenges for our wild ones, and each other, together. 


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