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Escape and 2 captured (Eagle Update Feb 12)

Eagle20_0212 - 1 (1)

Mare and her foal take one last look at home after being roped. The only two captured today, Feb 12.

Totals captured to date: 1265 (563 Studs, 696 Mares, 6 Foals) 16 wild horses have died.

On Feb 11 our observer went to the trap (the only observer present) and operations were called off due to winds.

On Feb 12 BLM returned to the same trap site, this time with two helicopters as the operation at Reveille ended and one returned.

Eagle20_0212 - 1 (45)

On Feb 8th this band escape the helicopter and hid in the tress in a draw the entire day. Only after operations ended did they show themselves. Today, this band was the target, the only target.

A band that evaded captured since Feb 8th was the only target of operations today. The band was pushed in and out of trees. The band fractured, regrouped and fractured again.

Eagle20_0212 - 1 (25)

These two members of the band flew by our observer.

As the chopper put pressure on the band running all out, we could see them fly through trees. The band fractured again. Two flew by our observer, 4 headed the opposition direction and a mare and her foal headed back to the location they took refuge on Feb 8. An exclosure (fenced area) with a deep draw and a lot of trees. However, there were only two ways out.

Eagle20_0212 - 1 (17)

Mare and her foal (pictured in the Feb 8th photo) head for the draw and the trees after band fractures for the last time.

The chopper pursues through the trees and then riders go out ready to rope. Both the mare and foal were roped outside of our view. A trailer wet out to pick up horses. Our observer had no idea if there were any injuries (she was later told there are no injuries). Our observer is so far from the trap she could not hear the foal walked in.

Eagle20_0212 - 1 (3)

The trailer with the adult mare returned to trap. Both were loaded and sent to temporary where they will then ship to PVC north of Reno.

If you are interested in adopting the pair we will be going to find both this mare and foal and will publish tag numbers.

This band was smart, fought hard, and in the end were not caught by the helicopter. Only two wild horses were captured today, both roped and pulled in.

Eagle20_0212 - 1 (9)

She truly tried to lead her baby to safety and they flew…

Our observer did shoot video, but time is extremely limited. We will load video soon.


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