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Week in Pictures (roundups and range)


(left, chopper on arrival covered as  usual – right, chopper when our rep left holding, tied down for wind storm)

Our observers at both the Eagle and Reveille roundups went out to the meeting areas. Our representative at Eagle went to holding to watch loading (snow flurries and winds had begun and she felt chopper would not take to the air). Our representative at Reveille went out to the trap, but winds grounded the chopper there as well, so she spent the day tooling around the range. Weather (bitter cold and wind) is expected to continue and our rep at Reveille was informed flight not likely tomorrow.

This page is a fast recap in pictures of two roundups that have been active in the last week, and will remain active this week. The long awaited BLM Report is expected next week.

Tis is what the corporate agenda “Path Forward” looks like in action. We have one last chance to push management, not removals. Learn more about the betrayal to wild horses by big corporate money interests, including corporate “advocacy.”

Please take time to call and/or write your reps this week : HERE. 

Eagle20_0206 - 1 (12)

Eagle wild horses at trap, 2020


No wild horses were captured today, but our observers believes an injury was being treated or a wild horse put down. When BLM posts the stats for the day we will know if the death toll has risen to 16.

(It has been confirmed. The death toll has risen to 16. A 5 year old dun stud was euthanized for parrot mouth, an overbite for those not familiar with the term. Usually parrot mouth is only considered an extreme deformity of a foal can not nurse, therefore could not survive. This horse was 6 years old.)

Eagle20_0209 - 1 (3)

Our onsite observer (LLeigh) thought BLM was preparing to euthanize a horse. It has been confirmed.

Today is the 24th day of the Eagle operation that targets 1700 wild horses for removal. So far 1235 wild horses have been captured (555 Studs, 675 Mares, 5 foals). Any wild horse “weanable” (about 3 months or older) is not being counted as a foal. There are some beautiful young wild horses, along with all of the ones removed, being shipped to Palomino Valley Center (PVC) to be processed. If you are looking to adopt head over to PVC north of Reno, NV. The death toll has risen to 16.

Access to assess handling of wild horses has been an issue. We have not had opportunity to observe actual trapping, just the helicopter drive. On one day we were given opportunity to observe trailer loading at the trap. We continue to work on this issue and will update you soon.

As with all roundups there are escapes where we see that spirit of the wild horse fly like the wind. 

Eagle20_0208 - 1 (7)


We see wisdom…

Eagle20_0208 - 1 (5)

This stallion led his band in escape and then kept them hidden, only to reveal themselves after trap broke for the day.

On February 1 there was a dramatic escape. We have received requests that we edit out just the escape and not include the entire run. A bit of “inspiration” as we head into the next big political battle; carry the spirit of the wild horse in your heart and soul.

As the Eagle roundup continues we will update the Eagle landing page, but continue to do distinct and separate posts on the operation. This operation is now in it’s 4th week and the landing page is long. Just scroll though WildHorseEducation.org to see individual postings.


Reveille, 2017


Today is day 4 of the Reveille roundup of 2020. Totals to date: 86 wild horses (48 Studs, 38 Mares, and 0 Foals) of the aprox 210 wild horses in Reveille have been captured.

For our observer onsite Reveille is a repeat experience. Joining the WHE welfare team (CAWP) in 2016, Reveille was Marie’s first roundup experience. Sitting at the trap she is seeing wild horses she saw released back to the range in 2017 captured.

Of the 86 captured se has recognized several faces. So far only 7 mares (that were treated in the past)  have been chosen for a potential release at the end of the operation of about 25 (about 50-60 total including studs). Those not chosen were shipped to the off-limits facility Broken Arrow (Indian Lakes) with very little chance for adoption.

374A7263 (2)

The wide blaze released in 2017, captured in 2019.

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Reveille has an interesting history. A livestock permit for 2000 cow/calf pairs, with actual year round use of over 1000 cow/calf pairs, overlaps this HMA where the stocking level for wild horses (AML) is a mere 138. Roundups happen here every 3-4 years with an absurd claim that removing wild horses will create “rangeland health.” More HERE. 

As Reveille continues you can follow stats and reports here. 


Take a deep breath as we dive into another week of roundups, range work and crazy politics.

Our wild, wild ones need you. 

Please take time to call and/or write your reps this week : HERE. 



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