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Eagle Feb 10 (another escape and update)

Today 28 wild hoses were captured. Wild horses were run in and out of trees, back and forth across the valley. Even when not directly pursued by the helicopter, after having broken away, wild horses continued to move through the valley and were occasionally visible in the trees. 

The total so far for the Eagle Complex 2020 roundup is 1263 wild horses captured and 16 known deaths. (past reports can be accessed HERE)

Or you can scroll the front page of the website for individual reports and journal entries on the Eagle roundup. The Eagle roundup is a long one and the “reports page” is primarily stats. WildHorseEducation.org

Eagle20_0210 - 1 (16)

Escaped with a young mare. See video below/

Fast note from Laura Leigh, onsite at Eagle:

“I’m on day 15 of this latest range run. It began with the need to take a detour and help someone who was suffering from severe internet bullying and was hacked. Many of you know Skydog Sanctuary. WHE has been targeted by the ‘troll factory’ for over a decade and threatened. But seriously? bully a sanctuary? This is one of those things we can all combat. Don’t feed the trolls.

I have not had one good viewing day at the roundup this entire trip. Drive long hours, freeze, get no sleep… and you see very little. Video is the only way I can really show you anything. I have a 500mm lens on my still camera and even after enlarging on the computer most frames look like a watercolor painting. Very few can be edited for you.

Plain and simple, this is not meaningful observation.

“She can not ask the horse what happened, unless of course it’s Mr. Ed.” That is actually a phrase from a Ninth Circuit court ruling WHE won to gain daily, meaningful, access. I’ll write more after I get some sleep. The entire case, the other cases toggled into that case,  the many layers of precedent it set, are far reaching and really is interesting. I need to give it an entire article and I have been up since 4:30 and I still have my coat on from the roundup. Just offloaded edited and I must sleep.

I wanted to share this escape with you. May they remain free and find the rest of their band tonight.

I really hope BLM breaks down this trap and moves. Only 27 captured in at least 6 hours of actual flight time, My gps tagging shows many of these horses are running more than 15 miles now. The few left in the valley do not stop moving all day, agitated. It’s time to move trap and let this valley have some peace. Just a suggestion I needed to make publicly.

I know it is a bad time of day to post.. but… what day is it anyway? Sunday? Monday? 15 days on the road and counting. An observer from another org stayed for a run and had to leave. WHE are again, the only observer onsite as we were before. (I’m told I need to start saying that.)

Big fights ahead. We have news in our fight against abuse and news on that BLM report and the last chance to change the direction of the additional funding in the 2020 budget. Please keep taking this action. HERE



We are coordinating two on range teams and outreach in DC. We have a lot to share with you as time allows.

Help Keep Us In The Fight.



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