Reveille Roundup 2020

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Reveille 2020, day 1

The start of the Reveille roundup 2020 was delayed due to weather. More weather delays are expected.

To view background piece visit: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2020/02/03/reveille-roundup-backstory-important-to-all-wild-horses/

BLM does not list an exact target number for this operation clearly. They state population is currently about 220 and AML (“appropriate” stocking level in the old land use plan) is 138. But, at Revielle BLM does not remove to AML, they will remove down to about 90-95 left on range after the release of fertility control (PZP). (BLM webpage)

Totals to date: 113 (59 Studs, 54 Mares, and 0 Foals) captured of the aprox 210 wild horses in Reveille. The target is to gather as close to 200 wild horses as possible and treat and release 70 (50-50 sex ratio).

It is important to note these horses are being shipped to the “off limits to public view” overflow facility Broken Arrow (Indian Lakes). When the facility is used for intake a tour needs to be arranged, timely. Our legal team has sent a letter to BLM national. 

Updates will appear most recent at the top. Scroll down for previous updates.

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 Day 6 (2/11): Higher winds expected. BLM did not fly. No horses captured. 

BLM appears to have cancelled the continuation of the removal operation.

16 older stallions were released back to the HMA and older mares are scheduled to be treated with PZP and released tomorrow (at last count it was 11 to be released, we do not know yet if BLM has added to that total). The operation deviates from past roundups and we will let you know what we find out. 

210 is the estimated population prior to operations.

Release 16 studs, 22 mares treated with PZP.  74 shipped to Broken Arrow (Indian Lakes). We will notify you when we hear a viewing opportunity is being offered.

Video below of release from the last roundup in 2017. The release in 2020 is much smaller and viewing of studs obstructed. Many of the mares released in the last two operations at Reveille are now in holding, off limits to public viewing, at Broken Arrow. The last release was to signify the beginning of on range darting (WHE worked with the office for years, more on that later). Politics both big and small got in the way. The promise made before the “rainbow release” were broken.

As the helicopter roundup calendar draws to a close, we will bring you in depth info on each area in articles coming soon.


Release 16 studs, 22 mares treated with PZP.  74 shipped to Broken Arrow (Indian Lakes). We will notify you when we hear a viewing opportunity is being offered.

Day 5 (2/10): Winds expected to be in excess of 20 mph with stronger gusts. We sent our observer to get some needed range documentation in Reveille and surrounding area for the next two days.

BLM did fly. We did not expect them to. 27 were captured, none shipped. BLM reported winds at 22 mph.

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Day 4:

Winds expected to be in excess of 20 mph with stronger gusts. Our observer did observe holding first thing in the morning, was escorted to trap and shortly informed that they would not fly. Once our observer arrived back at holding, the horses had shipped while she was at the trap location.

Our observer did complete a “walk around” and viewed the remaining horses.

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374A8147 (2)Day 3, new trap site on the south side of HMA.

57 wild horses captured (32 Studs, 25 Mares, and 0 Foals).

Approximately 6 horses evaded capture in first run.

8:30  7 horses, three evaded capture (no confirmation if the remaining four went in the trap)

9:30  approximately 17 horses, three evaded capture

11:01 28ish     The chopper fueled

1:40 3 horses that appeared tired and wet.

Operation ended at trap due to wild horses in the higher areas, including trees, due to minimal snowpack.

Need to report NO visual of wings or trap, can not confirm how many from each run actually went in the trap. All numbers estimates.

2:33 arrived at Processing, appeared full and expect shipping to Broken Arrow in the morning.

All sorting stopped for the time we observed at temporary corrals. As of day three we have seen no sorting or handling to assess. This has never been an issue at Reveille and sorting was always visible and observed in the past.

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Day 2 (Feb 7)

22 wild horses captured, no wild horses shipped (it should be noted BLM is shipping to the “off public view” facility Broken Arrow (Indian Lakes).

Arrived at trap@ 7:08, First run to trap at 9:38 @ about 16/17 wild horses. Run came into trap less agitated than yesterday, horses were not pushed into the loading alley until settled.

Second run @ 10:22 in the draw leading to the trap 6 horses, attempted at far end of wings (could not see as they were behind the knoll) tried to push into the trap with the sound of a siren on the chopper for about until 10:40.  Pilot discontinued pursuit, They headed back up the hill and appeared very tired.

Third Run 12:05 5 horses came in quiet.

Operations called. Was informed no horses would ship today, would need to break trap before we could go to holding. For the second day no observation of wild horses during sorting at holding was offered. BLM said it would be 3 hours before wild horses could be observed at holding.

Weather report estimates wind for the next three days. PZP-22 proposed for potential birth control if BLM reaches the target for removal.

Compared to years prior their is less snow in the uplands in this area. Wild horses are spending more time at this location in the trees (where the large number of year round cattle can not go). Pushing wild horses out of trees is much harder than grabbing them off the bench (as an example BLM abandoned and then restarted an operation at Caliente this year due to the lack of snow that kept the wild horses in the hills).

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Day 1 (Feb 6): 7 wild horses captured (4 Studs, 3 Mares, and 0 Foals).

It appears that after doing a run at the Eagle roundup out of Pioche, one of the helicopters came to Reveille. After trap was set and the wind died down, the chopper took to the air. Two groups (12, 8) both evaded initial capture.

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At 3:10 a group of 7 wild horses were captured. The wild horses were moved rapidly into the back of trap for loading directly after capture, agitated.  We were instructed to leave the observation area prior to loading.  We were loaded in our vehicles (out of vision of the trap) and the truck and trailer had left before we did at 3:37.

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Our teams are out at roundups. The latest from Eagle HERE. 

WHE is the only organization in history to litigate abuse at roundups. Our litigation was the driving force behind the creation of the first welfare policy for wild horses. We need to make the one we now have better and enforce the one we have.

We urge you to read this article and take action. We need help to get Congress to add provisions to the release of additional funding that BLM must create management plans (HMAP) and not just roundups. Roundups, particularly large ones that increase reproduction rates after destabilizing herds,  are not management and they compound problems in the long run.(HERE)

Help Keep Us In The Fight.