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Eagle Feb 7 & 8 (Roundup Update)

On Feb 7, day 22, BLM captured 6 (3 Studs, 3 Mares, 0 Foals) wild horses. The trap was about 1.5 miles from observation. We knew it would be a short day, as one of the helicopters had gone to Reveille (Reveille updates HERE) . We went to holding to see if we could catch a glimpse of handling; at the trap site we knew we would see nothing that would allow us to participate in our ongoing work on humane care. (WHE is the only org in history to ever litigate against abuse and to produce a 12 data set on roundups that we utilize in our ongoing quest to enforce and improve the policy WHE drove.We go to roundups to provide public oversight against abuse.) Our observer also had a conference call with DC and we will update next week.

The video below is from Feb 8, day 23 (today) of the operation.

26 wild horses (9 Studs, 17 Mares, 0 Foals) captured.  One more has died: 1-year-old sorrel stud  BLM said was blind in left eye was euthanized.

fast field notes LLeigh:

It was windy and cold sitting on top of the truck trying to see into the draws at distance. Camera range finder had trap at nearly 2 miles away! Even using the longest lens (image quality bad, but at least it works at a mile) I could see nothing of handling at trap. Hopefully before this operation ends we get at least two days to monitor the actual trapping. Tired. It is expected to drop 20 degrees from today to tomorrow. Winter is back, at least for a few days. more later. 

I know there is a clip in the video that made it in by mistake… but I’m editing fast. I’ll get photos finished shortly, but reports are coming in from Reveille and I need to edit those, eat and maybe a hot shower? I am chilled to the bone. 

Estimated 20 wild horses captured today, but at the distance we were placed? I really can not say.  3 different bands escaped, 2 were captured. One remains free…. 

Eagle20_0208 - 1 (5)

He stopped to look at us and crossed the road as the trap was pulled down. He escaped and then kept his family hidden from the helicopter in the air. We hope he moves his family far from this valley. The chopper flies again tomorrow.


To see previous roundup reports for Eagle go to the link HERE >>>> https://wildhorseeducation.org/2020/01/18/eagle-2020/


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