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Day 11; Phase 2 of Triple B

2018_0210 - 1 (64)

In the early morning pronghorn join the race from the helicopter

Phase two of Tripe B began in earnest today (reports from the Eureka side can be found here). Phase two is the removal promoted by complaints from the reservation; 87 (43 Studs, 31 Mares, and 13 Foals) wild horses were captured today and will not be returned for fear they will cross back over into the Te-Moak Shoshone reservation. There was a death today: 2-10-18 10 year sorrel mare was “humanely euthanized in accordance with IM 2015-070 due to a hopeless prognosis for recovery due to a preexisting condition (broken hind leg).” Cumulative total from both sides is now 605 captured with 10 deaths so far.

They will be sent to Palomino Valley Center near Reno.

The helicopter moved multiple bands across the valley floor. Joining, spitting and trying to evade pursuit they thundered through the wind and cold of the day.

2018_0210 - 1 (58)

Wild horses thunder down the mountain before us

At one point there was a break up and over the ridge behind us. Wild horses flew down the mountainside.


Wild horses behind us

Behind us another drama played out as the herd split and stallions tried to draw the predator.

2018_0210 - 1 (29)

Behind us

2018_0210 - 1 (23)

He turns and faces the chopper  

2018_0210 - 1 (21)

He hesitates a single moment

2018_0210 - 1 (18)

He makes a mad dash to freedom

Tomorrow valley temps at dawn will sink to single digits. A storm is expected later in the day. We should be sitting in two feet of snow. We pray this storm dumps some badly needed moisture.




PLEASE continue to make your cals to Congress to stop any funding to kill any healthy wild horse. The ones captured today are relying on YOU! CLICK IMAGE to take action.

2018_0210 - 1 (2)

ALL of our wild ones are heading into an uncertain future as Congress debates if we should put a bullet in her head. Take action by clicking the image above. 



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