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Second week of Triple B comes to an end

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Triple B stallion captured day 12; will be shipped to Palomino Valley Center

The first two weeks of Triple B are drawing to a close with phase one and two completed. Phase one cleared the Newark Valley area grazing allotments, as well as areas north to remove horses that were being hit by mining vehicles on a very healthy range (in EIS’s BLM says “mitigation” involves slowing the increased traffic in sensitive areas. We have seen multiple instances where vehicles travel at excessive speeds particular from dusk to dawn and the consequences are tragic to wild horses and wildlife). The second phase removed wild horses from areas in and near the reservation after complaints were received from the tribe. (You can go to our home page and scroll through the feed for pictures and fast updates from daily operations WildHorseEducation.org).

When we are at captures there is always a lot of talk about “body scoring.” Body scoring with wild horses needs a bit of perspective. A link to an article we wrote in 2014 about “body scoring” and the wild horse: https://wildhorseeducation.org/body-scoring-and-the-wild-horse/ February is a really tough time for our wild ones. We really wish areas like Nevada would be given more priority for the safest times of year to run a wild horse (October and November) due to the fact that it is the most arid state in our nation and our wild ones here deserve the same consideration given to states like Oregon and Colorado… even though we have no “tourist herds” here.

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Day 12:Triple B 2018

Day 12: 98 wild horses captured (41 Studs, 32 Mares, and 22 Foals). Temps in the valley dipped to 5 degrees in the very early morning as a winter storm began to move in. The winds kicked up as the day progressed and windchill kept temperatures feeling below freezing all day.  Two more wild horse were euthanized by BLM that stated: “20+ year-old bay stud was humanely euthanized due a hopeless prognosis for recover due to preexisting condition (blindness). 4 year old buckskin mare was humanely euthanized due to a hopeless prognosis for recovery due to a preexisting condition (broken front leg) that had not healed properly.”

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Stepping off the trailer at temporary holding; the last touch between mother and baby before being sorted at temp for the drive to PVC where they will not be reunited

Day 13: A winter storm brought a smattering of badly needed snow. Normally this time of year we would be standing in at least a foot of snow.

About 70 wild horses were captured. We were not given a total or breakdown of stallion/mare ratio at holding and BLM has not published any update. The cumulative total captured is nearing 800.

UPDATE 8 am Day 14; BLM has said:

Numbers: 59 (17 Studs, 30 Mares, and 12 Foals)
Deaths: 4 year old bay mare was humanely euthanized due to a hopeless prognosis for recover due to preexisting condition (broken back) that had not healed properly.
This brings the total deaths to 13 and the total captured to 762.

Day 13

We are editing video and will include in the week two review as we continue to engage DC at this treacherous time. We hope you call, FAX or email. Your calls do matter and we have had feedback from multiple Senators. Please read why it is important that you make a call. https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/01/08/this-week-your-voice/


Day 13

More soon.


Dash thermometer, 3 degrees as the sun rises.


We got some badly needed snow. However we should be standing in a foot of snow. We need more before the end of February,


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