Wild Horse Education

Day 10; They came in, they went out

Today was very windy and cold. A very large group of wild horses came across the valley floor.

2018_0209 - 1 (51)

About 70 wild horses began to run through the valley. The helicopter had already landed.

The wind picked up. The helicopter moved off and landed. The wild horses just kept coming.

2018_0209 - 1 (27)

Wild horses continue to run toward the trap

Up the ridge they ran, coming in from 3 directions.

2018_0209 - 1 (29)

When they saw the trap they stopped

Pausing to look around and think; they then turned and headed back down the ridge.

2018_0209 - 1 (25)

The wild horses coming back down the road

The wind continued to kick up with potential storm activity this weekend.

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2018_0209 - 1

The wild horses leave the trap


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