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Triple B Roundup Updates; 2018

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Triple B wild horses 2018

On January 31st BLM began to roundup 1,500 wild horses and permanently remove about 1,000 wild horses.  Approximately 250 mares will be released that will have been treated with the fertility control vaccine PZP-22  In addition, approximately 250 stallions will be selected and returned back.

The Triple B Complex is located in both the BLM Ely and Elko Districts and consists of the Triple B HMA (Ely), Maverick Medicine HMA (Elko), Antelope Valley HMA.

Triple B is where Wild Horse Education won the first court orders in history against inappropriate treatment of wild horses during capture. We continued to win multiple rulings at multiple roundups over the course of 4 years, These rulings were instrumental in creating the first humane handling policy during capture for wild horses and burros protected by the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act. The Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy (CAWP) began on the ground in 2016. We are continuing to monitor captures and create stronger protections.

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Captured day one and transported to Palomino Valley Center for adoption preperation

Day 1; We arrived at dawn and travelled to trap location. Operations did not begin until nearly 2 pm. 42 wild horses were captured; 16 Studs, 15 Mares, and 11 Foals. One stud, about 9 years old, was put down with an older injury to the face that may have impeded his ability to eat.

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Triple B 2018

Day 2; The day began for us at 4 am. About 47 wild horses captured (14 Studs, 22 Mares, and 11 Foals). Shipped today: 7 studs, 13 mares, 11 foals



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Day 3, February 2, 2018. 115 wild horses were captured (47 studs, 43 mares, 25 foals). Cumulative total: 204.

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Day 3

More on Day 3 can be found HERE.

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Day 4, Triple B

Day 4 about 36 wild horses captured. More on day 4 can be found HERE.

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Day 5, Triple B


Day 5 Triple B; Today 59 wild horses were captured at the Triple B roundup (25 Studs, 23 Mares, and 11 Foals). For more on Day 5 click HERE.

Day 6 117 (63 Studs, 30 Mares, and 24 Foals) and the day 7 weekly update can be found HERE; A memorial to those that have died the first week. 

Updates after day 6 can be found by scrolling through our home page HERE.

This page is being created as a landing page for roundup updates. Extensive travel time and offloading of images and video. Please be patient as we update. 


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