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Super Bowl Sunday at Triple B, Day 5

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What our wild horses looked like free just days ago

Today 59 wild horses were captured at the Triple B roundup (25 Studs, 23 Mares, and 11 Foals).

Today the wild ones ran hard. Bands fractured and raced across the valley. Stallions tried to outthink the helicopter and protect their families. It is always hard to watch. The magnificence of our wild horses as they flee the predator in the air is one of the reasons we admire their spirit; when they inevitably lose that battle it is simply sad.

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Running from the helicopter

It makes the need for educated and intelligent engagement so evident when you sit out here day after day. The roundup is the moment we fail to manage them on the range as they are meant to be. We hope everyone is calling their Congressional representatives at least once a week to insist that no federal funds should be used to kill any healthy wild horse. (Take action HERE).

When this operation is over we will resume our webinars and educational outreach to help you become the best voice you can be for our voiceless wild ones.

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Leading a break from the trap with his family and another band

There are so many individual stories and no time to tell them as we work 16 hour days. Up at 4 am we try to get out at least a slideshow and count for you. As time allows we will tell the deeper story.

2018_0204 - 1 (38)

Mares trying to get close to their foals after being run and taken to temporary holding.

Watching the “picture” change is always hard. We have watched this repeat tens and tens of thousands of times.

Wild horses from this operation will be transported to Palomino Valley Center in Reno for adoption preparation.

For links to previous reports and information on this operation and our 7 year fight to gain a humane handling policy go HERE.


We are in field posting pictures from this current roundup (not file photos or BLM images). Please help us keep our vigil for the Triple B wild horses. Thank you.


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Day 5, Triple B

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