Wild Horse Education

Day 4 Triple B; Fast update


After operations we took a long drive to go see a range not being rounded up.

We are running on little sleep, long drives, daily observations and then processing images and video. We will have a comprehensive look at week one, including the underlying factors, shortly. We will include a more formally edited compilation of video and stills when we find time to upload.

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Today was windy and cold with temperatures during operations never rising far above freezing. The wind may have had something to do with the flight operations of the helicopter; any rise above ground level brought gusts.

Yesterday was slow and easy; today was not. It was cold, windy and it was reflected in movement.

Wild horses captured 36 (14 studs, 16 mares, 6 foals).


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To keep our teams in the field (at roundup and collecting data to create fair management on the range) please consider a contribution, thank you.

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