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Helicopter Hearing(s), What you need to know that no one is telling you

“Helicopter Hearing,” repost by public request.

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fc_day3_007 BLM roundup February 2015

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is required to hold a hearing for use of motorized vehicles in every state in the West, every year. These hearings are not “helicopter hearings” like a courtroom, but an administrative process where new information on the use of motorized vehicles can be brought from the public. It is a time to make comment to procedures on how BLM should use these vehicles (like trailers, inventory flights and removals).

All sides seem to reference this as a “helicopter hearing” presumably because the use of helicopters in wild horse and burro removals is the most controversial use of any motorized vehicle. So that is what we will focus on as well.

Some of the hearings in 2016. There will be multiple meetings in 2017, 2018… on and on.

Utah held theirs at the end of 2015 which covers fiscal year…

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