Wild Horse Education

“Giving Tuesday” Gratitude

Our deepest and heartfelt gratitude for lifting WHE up to reach our first critical end-of-year fundraising goal! Our amazing readers and volunteers helped spread the word and we met our 10K match to keep our work running for the wild!

WHE exists primarily in wild horse and burro country and most of us are being battered by winter storms from snow and rain to brutal winds. Part of our outreach team lost power late last night and it has not been restored. We want to get out messages to all of you expressing our gratitude, but it might take a few days. Our team is hunkered down and working through these storms and we wish them all a safe landing.

During Giving Tuesday many of you reached out with notes of support for the work we do; expressing your gratitude. WHE is not an organization with an office building and staff, we are scattered and often working from the dashboards of our personal vehicles on the road to get the jobs done, that simply need to be done.

The notes touched us deeply. We are truly honored to represent your voice in this fight and do not take for granted how fortunate we are to be able to continue to make a strong stand, hold our ground, even when that work requires 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, for months at a time, with no reprieve. WHE might be a bit rough-around-the-edges and not a slick corporate machine; you know that and expressed your appreciation of that grit. To read your notes added a depth of gratitude and a new layer of responsibility that is not lost on us.

WHE works 365 days a year and we thank you for supporting us throughout 2022. Your support throughout the year is needed and appreciated.  However, like all non-profits, these end-of-year milestones like “Giving Tuesday” are critical to lift us up to begin to carry our fight into 2023.

WHE won’t back down.

Our deepest thank-you.

All of us at WHE

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