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Some of you have kids at home or visiting this holiday season. We have a collection of activities from puzzles, crafts, movies and even no-bake cookie fun!

We hope you enjoy your holiday time with your kids, grandchildren and the kid in you! 

WHE Kids has added a coloring book to our collection of activity books for kids. CLICK text: WHEColorWild

Each coloring page has the original photo and then a converted black-and-white image. Younger kids could enjoy crayons (those a bit older might like colored pencils) to explore how they could create wild horses and burros from their imagination.

Using any printer you can select the pages you choose and print out for a fun activity during days when we are all cooped up inside due to bad weather.

You can print our activity book by downloading the pdf: WHEKids+Activity+Book+Holiday+Gift (1)

Or you can view the activity book and read in the digital magazine format by clicking: https://viewer.joomag.com/whekids-activity-book-holiday-gift/0172176001545587350

There are many books and movies we all know. But we did a fast internet search and might have found some new favorites.

We like this one we found in quick search of Youtube. A fast search can help you find some creative book readings like this one of “The Girl That Loved Wild Horses” by Paul Goble (done in a computer program called “After Effects” and may have been a class project).

For over a decade now a favorite for all ages is the movie “Spirit- Stallion of the Cimarron.”

What you might not know is that the movie came at a time when technology was changing. 3-D animation was beginning a journey from video games to big screen. However, 2-D animation held a creative beauty that was timeless. The movie Spirit combined the two types of animation and, artistically speaking, broke new ground. (Our founder was once part of the world of animation  and felt this fun fact might be fun for you and any older children in household to learn more about.)

Of course, you can just enjoy the movie without knowing how the movie was made and enjoy the magic.

We also found some super fun “no-bake” cookie recipes online.

You can click the images below and go directly to the websites these kid-friendly projects are on.

Just leave off the halter and you can make a herd of wild horses!

From the “The Gingerbread Pony” we found Nutter Butter horse cookie project!

From “It’s a Keeper” we saw these vanilla wafer “ponies.”

Our work continues to protect and preserve wild horses and burros.

You can see more on our main website HERE.

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