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Buffalo Hills, Day 4

Our ongoing team reports can be found HERE.

Day 2 long form public report can be located HERE; this report includes multiple videos including the “tied foal.” Day 3 long form for day 3 can be found HERE; including the escape and pursuit. 

As of today, 194 wild horses have been captured and 5 have died. You can see the list in the ongoing dailies HERE.

Video above: The first run of Independence day saw the loss of freedom for a lone horse (appears to be one that escaped, and was not recaptured, featured in the report yesterday).

48 (17 Stallions, 23 Mares, and 8 Foals) wild horses were captured. Temperatures ranged from  about 55 to 95. Later in the day wind gusts reached 22 mph. This was a long day at trap.

There is no time given at trap to “settle” before loading and being taken to the temporary holding corrals. The trapsite is located close to the temporary corral and could be seen in the distance.

Video below: Our observer zoomed in on the corrals and could see the helicopter flies over the corral and fuels in that location. BLM said the chopper flying by and fueling there does not disturb the newly captured horses. We have not been able to get any closer to the temporary holding corrals (BLM won’t allow any observation of processing). Stocking levels of pens are regulated under CAWP and we can not confirm if there is compliance.

Video below: Even though the video shows heat lines and distance, you can see this mare really fights for her freedom after being run in with a youngster. She appears to hurt her front leg in the last attempt? we cannot tell at this distance.

2 more wild horses have died: 25+ year-old Sorrell stallion BLM stated was due to pre-existing condition (blindness in right eye) and an 11-year-old Bay mare BLM said due to pre-existing condition (Physical deformity; congenital — sway back)

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Even though the short-term facility was closed for the holiday, they received 34 wild horses from the Buffalo Hills temporary corrals in the morning. We stopped by to check on body condition and took a few photos from over the outside fence.

Our ongoing team reports can be found HERE.

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